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Brody a.k.a. Nick Brody is not the father. Let's clear that up.

But he is a major part of this episode. Brody’s back and makes himself at home at Nora's. They reminisce about the good old days.

Paige has a school project in which she’s caring for a five-pound bag of flour as if it were her baby. Paige needs Kevin to babysit.

Kevin hands it off to Sarah, who isn’t as diligent and loses it.

Tommy’s not happy with his new job. He’s considering a move back to Seattle. Rose wouldn’t mind, but Sarah wants to make it work.

After a chat with Brody, Tommy says he's taking a job as the business manager of a baseball team in Phoenix.

Nora admits that William was certainly not a perfect husband.

Justin treats Zach, a homeless vet with a head wound. Justin wants to help him get back on his feet. Zach has anger issues.

At the end of a few long, interesting days, Tommy and Rose bid adieu as they begin their new Arizona adventure.

Nora also says goodbye to Brody as he pulls his big old RV away from the front of her house.

Brothers & Sisters
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