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Buffy and Willow review upcoming classes at Sunnydale University. Buffy is a little worried about her post-Sunnydale High life. While they debate about their courses, a vampire rises from the ground and runs away.

On her first day, Buffy gets lost and overwhelmed as people hand her flyers. Willow is thriving in her new location and loves being an academic in university. Oz already has friends on campus; he and his band are playing at the upcoming fraternity party.

Buffy and Willow haven't heard from Xander in a while. He's going on a cross-country roadtrip.

Buffy and Willow are fascinated by the new library. In the student store, Buffy knocks a bunch of Psychology books on Riley, the TA to the Psychology professor. Buffy stumbles over her words.

Buffy meets her new excited and eager roommate, Kathy.

A teacher rudely kicks Buffy out of his class. She bumps into Riley in the hallway and he forgets her name. Professor Maggie Walsh, the Psychology teacher, intimidates Buffy with her tough lesson plan.

At night, Buffy meets another freshman, Eddie. He laments about being overwhelmed by university life too; they promise to look after each other. After Buffy leaves, a group of vampires capture Eddie and take all the stuff in his room.

Buffy visits Eddie's room after she doesn't see him in class. She finds Eddie's goodbye note about dropping out of school. However, she finds his copy of "The Human Bondage" in his dresser drawer.

The university vampires go through Eddie's stuff and they bicker amongst themselves. Eddie awakens as a vampire minion.

Buffy visits Giles and finds him hosting a love interest, Olivia. She asks for his help in finding Eddie, but he thinks Eddie just dropped out.

Buffy finds Eddie on campus as a vampire; she stakes him after they fight. Buffy meets Sunday, the leader of the university vampires; they spar and Sunday hurts Buffy's arm. She runs away since Sunday overpowers her.

Buffy returns home to find that Joyce placed a bunch of antiques in her room for storage. After someone calls her home, Buffy returns to her dorm to find all of her possessions stolen.

At The Bronze, Buffy thinks she spots Angel, but it's a stranger. Xander surprises her and they catch-up; he reveals that his cross-country roadtrip only lasted a short distance and he had to wash dishes/strip to get the money to fix his car.

Buffy thinks she can't deal with her life post-high school. Xander encourages her to own her inner strength and be a hero.

Buffy and Xander break into the school records to find out that kids have been disappearing every year. They deduce the vampires are holding up at an abandoned fraternity house.

While spying on the vampires, Buffy accidentally breaks through a window and is outnumbered.

Willow and Oz read Buffy's goodbye note in her dorm room. Xander claims that it's all a prank (in front of Kathy), so he needs their help to stop the vampires.

Buffy and Sunday fight. The Scoobies arrive to kill two of the vampires; two other vampires escape in the chaos.

Buffy throws a stake and kills Sunday. She gets all of her stuff back; Giles arrives late with supplies.

One of the escaped vampires is caught by a group of soldiers in military gear.

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