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Hazel Diaz has been a Brooklyn crime boss for 30 years, and has had Officer Sampson on her payroll for nine years. When he decides to end their partnership, she shoots and kills him in his police car. 

ADA Gabrielle Ramsden asks Dr. Jason Bull to question Hazel, because they’ve had her in custody on eight different occasions over the years and she always gets out of standing trial by acting mentally ill. Bull is able to prove that Hazel is competent to stand trial, but the DA’s office hires Bull as a consultant when Hazel pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. 

Turns out that Hazel’s mother was schizophrenic, which makes her 13 times more likely to have the disease, but Bull still insists that she’s faking. He assesses Hazel for over eight hours, and she finally makes a mistake when she says she remembers voices when she killed Officer Sampson even though she claimed to be having a psychotic break, in which she should have remembered nothing. 

Bull fears the jury will still find her not guilty because killing someone without a motive seems crazy. Danny finds that Officer Sampson had an offshore bank account with over $600,000 in it. Bull and ADA Ramsden use that information to get Sampson’s partner to admit that he was taking bribes from Hazel, but he was considering turning himself in and testifying against her when Hazel shot him. 

Hazel tries to make a deal with the DA by giving up other drug cartel members but Bull pushes Gabrielle to wait for the verdict. The jury finds Hazel guilty of murder. 

As Cable searches for another job, the TAC team is divided on her firing. Benny feels is was justified, while Chunk feels sorry for her, and Danny believes she deserves a second chance. Bull tells them all that they can either discuss the matter on their own time or at their new place of employment. 

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Bull Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

I’m hoping if I get you two in a room together, that you'll be able to testify that she's competent to stand trial. That's why I had to pull you out of bed. That's why he has the lights and siren on, and that's why we're going 70 miles an hour through midtown.


I've been trying to get someone to take you out for a month now. Something about taking out a cop brings out the old lady in all the tough guys.

Hazel Diaz