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The episode opened with Michael and Sam going after the man that made the bomb that nearly blew him up. Meanwhile Fiona was helping Jesse with a security job.

The security job was for a CEO named James Forte and his wife though someone was breaking into their house but not taking anything. Fiona and Jesse wired the house with extra sensors and had Forte and his wife sleep in the guest house. 

That night they caught a prowler who turned out to be Forte’s old business partner who was supposed to be dead. Dan said that Forte had him imprisoned and left to die in Chile. 

Sam and Michael found the bomb maker, a man name Lucien. Lucian was a war criminal hiding out and quickly caught on to Michael and Sam. Sam and Michael took Lucien to an abandon warehouse to question him. 

After several days they finally found a pressure point in the form of Lucien’s daughter being in the states illegally. Lucian told them who to ask for at a diner to find the guy who had the bomb made. 

Fiona and Jesse managed to convince Forte that he needed Jesse by his side all the time and then to move the formula that he stolen from Dan with Jesse. Jesse drove Forte to a meeting with Dan and his wife, who turned out to be Dan’s ex-wife as well. Forte also had documentation with him that sent him to jail for 5-10 years.

Back at the warehouse, when Michael and Sam heard a truck pull up, Lucien explained the visit to the dinner was a call for help. Unfortunately for Lucien it was not a rescue but a trip to silence him. As Lucien lay dying he told Michael the information he needed to find the person who killed Max. 

Burn Notice
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Burn Notice Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Take These. [hands two machine guns] Be safe!


Michael: I guess you're going to Orlando
Sam: Not it.
Michael: What happen to the promise to run the next errand?
Sam: It's null and void when I say "not it".