Burn Notice Review: "An Eye for an Eye"

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For Michael, even a tiny step forward was still a step forward in hunting for Max’s killer, a fact highlighted on "An Eye for an Eye."

I was kind of hoping that Lucien would get rescued. It would have given us a glimpse at Michael’s opponent and, given the amount of effort the person went through to frame Michael, you would think he would have done something by now to try and slow him down.

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I can appreciate how Matt Nix and his team want to build the mystery around not knowing who killed Max, or why he/she tried to frame Michael, but is it too much to ask for a crumb or two?

After weeks of tiny steps forward and reveals, it feels like we're trying to judge the weather without a barometer. How strong is this person? What does he/she have against Michael? Is the individual connected to the people who burned Michael?

Speaking of being burned, anyone else notice that Michael hasn't thought about his obsession with looking into who burned him since he started obsessing over who killed Max? I applaud his priorities of looking for his friend’s murderer, but to forget that other aspect of his life completely? Unexpected.

Also, where was Pearce this week? Not only was she missing, nobody mentioned her. I miss our sassy little agent! I really think her and Jesse need to go out for drinks. Who’s with me?

I’m not sure if this was the strangest way the team has gotten a client, but it had to be close, catching him breaking into the house they were protecting for another client and promptly helping him escape.

I am sure that Stalker Mike is the creepiest persona that Michael has used. I would even say it was almost the scariest, second only to the Mob-Boss Mike persona he adopted when he had to yell and rattle Madeline earlier this season

Michael has a pretty strong dark side hiding under his well-groomed exterior. Is that what makes him perfect for Fiona, given her love of explosives and all things that go "boom?" I did enjoy the double meaning to many of their comments about their relationship in their conversations about Dan and his ex-wife.

Michael, you welsh on taking Fiona to dinner, and I will come to Miami and steal your entire yogurt stash! 

Overall, even with Madeline and Pearce missing, it was a decent offering. I really enjoyed Forte (James Frain) as the target for Jesse and Fiona. Frain does a great job of playing a bastard of a character you love to hate. Just ask anyone who saw him as Franklin on True Blood last season. 

The next stop on the Max-mystery-train may actually lead us to the guy who framed Michael. Does anyone think it’s really going to be as easy as driving over to find him? Yeah, me neither.

An Eye for an Eye Review

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