In this episode, Becca is off to NYC to visit her mom, and Hank is visited by an old friend, Mike Zlosowski, "Zlos."

Zlos is reeling from a fight with his wife, so he came to LA to blow off some steam with his old friend, Hank Moody. Hank shows him a good time, but Zlos is not used to the LA scene and is behaving very badly.

Charlie invites Hank and Zlos to a party at his boss Sue's house. We meet her husband, Dickie (played by Stephen Root) - they clearly have a very open relationship - he is wheelchair bound, but that doesn't seem to limit their sexual relationship at all. In one of their sex-toy rooms, Marcy invites Charlie to have some fun, but he reluctantly turns her down. She can't understand why he would refuse sex with her, unless he's cheating on her already... It turns out that his ex porn-star girlfriend, Daisy, came knocking earlier in the day to deliver the news that he should be tested for some nasty STDs. Charlie shares this information with Marcy and she is both irate and nauseated. 

Meanwhile at the party, Zlos is laying it on thick to all the ladies with some horribly cheesy pick-up lines. He finally gets a bite from a woman in a hot tub - until he realizes that she is only a woman from the waste up. Upon this realization, he freaks out and hits her/him - which is not appropriate party behavior. 

The guys move the party to the Faster Pussycat, where Hank's new love interest/student works part time. Again, Zlos pushes the envelop by getting a little too personal with a stripper, getting into some serious trouble with the bouncer.

The rest of the night is pretty much a blur. In the aftermath, Hank and Zlos go have a catch on the beach and talk about their own friendship. It turns out that the two of them just drifted apart and didn't keep in touch over the years, but this trip seems to rekindle their man-love. Zlos thinks he's sick and might be dying and he wanted to make things right with his best friend.

Hank drops off Zlos at the airport, and sends him on his way to fix things with his wife. Expecting a warm greeting from Becca, Hank is dismayed when she does not even say hello and immediately jumps in the back of the Porsche, as if he is her chauffeur. But it's for a good reason - Karen has surprised him with a visit! 

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Californication Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Zlos: I fucking clocked her - him - whatever.
Hank: You can't do that, that's a human being, you can't just be throwing punches at people.
Zlos:What the fuck is wrong with you Moody? Have you been in LA so long that a chick with a dick means nothing to you?

Becca: Merry fucking Christmas. Can we go home already?
Hank & Karen: Shut up!