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Weren't Hank, Karen, and their robot daughter Becca going to make a try of this whole family thing, despite the distance with Karen in New York? Nah... that would never work, with Hank Moody on the prowl. Of course the show opens up with him enjoying the carnal pleasures of another woman - well, not exactly enjoying it, since to the woman's dismay, he falls asleep - seems like being a single dad is taking its toll on Hank.

Becca and a girlfriend return home early from the movies to see Hank's "friend" leaving. She criticizes her dad for not remaining pure for her mom, but insinuates that Karen isn't so pure herself. Hank notices that the kids are scarfing down cereal and realizes they're stoned.  Indignantly, he asks them where they got the weed? It's his, of course.  He attempts to lecture them on the dangers of pot and they just break into fits of laughter - so as the girls go to bed, Hank decides to just light up himself.

Hank and Charlie are both disturbed that Hank's new book is not being picked up anywhere. Charlie introduces Hank to his new boss, Sue (Kathleen Turner), who seems intent on getting whatever she wants - and what she wants in Charlie - yikes! Meanwhile, Charlie is still in the midst of a messy divorce with Marcy.  Since the economy is so bad, their house can't sell, and since he is waiting on the commission from Hank's book, Charlie really can't afford to be paying a mortgage and rent. So it looks like he's moving back into the house with Marcy - she's not so pleased by this decision.

Outside of Becca's school, Felicia Koontz, mother of Becca's girlfriend, confronts Hank about letting the girls smoke pot - not angrily, just matter of factly. What parent would not freak out? She obviously isn't too miffed because she invites Hank to join her and her friends from the university for a dinner party that night.

On his way to the dinner, Hank gets upset with a cyclist that is hogging the road, throws his cigarette at him, and runs him off the rode. Given that the cyclist is played by Peter Gallagher, we automatically know that we're going to see him again later in the episode - perhaps at this dinner party - since it's unlikely that Peter Gallagher would be "man on bike" in Seasons 3, Episode 1.

Alas, Hank arrives at the party, followed by angry cyclist, who happens to be Stacy Koontz, man of the house, and Dean of the college. Hank manages to rub everyone the wrong way at the party, as he promised he would. He meets one of his writing idols, Richard Bates, and forces him to have a drink, not knowing that he's been off the wagon since the Clinton administration. Bates entertains the adult dinner crowd with the ever-popular mangina routine before jumping out the window and running naked through the yard. Now that Bates will have to do a stint in rehab, it looks like there may be a teaching spot open for another bad-boy writer type - do we know any of those?

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Californication Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I know you're saving the planet and all, but it doesn't give you the right to be an asshole!


Marcy: It's been sitting on the market for months now, Charlie, it's not selling.
Charlie: Well, maybe if you weren't too busy bringing every unemployed actor in LA with a cougar fetish back to the house, you could get it sold.
Marcy: First, it's our house, and second, if you weren't too busy trying to shove your angry inch into every damaged case that crosses your path, we wouldn't even be in this mess to begin with!