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Hank has dutifully taken the position as a writing instructor at the University, after he drove the original professor off the wagon and into rehab. Given his track record in advising other young people in his life (e.g. Becca & Mia), we don't really expect much from Hank. He's a writing teacher - and you can't really teach writing, or Hank can't at least. His TA, Jill, is less than pleased at his performance thus far, but Hank is still trying to win her over, personally, if not professionally. 


One of his students, Chris Smith,  played by Ed Westwick (of squinty-eyed Gossip Girl fame), seeks Hank's input on how much promise he has a writer. As if we'd expect anything different, Hank tells him like it is: essentially, that the kid should do anything other than write, if it was at all possible. After all, the kid did write about teenage vampires... However, this criticism was really hard to swallow, for it seems that this student not only admired Hank for his writing expertise, but also had a little bit of a crush on him. And the kid was already a little bit depressed... no big surprise here, but he ends up attempting suicide. Dean Koontz (the dean played by Peter Gallagher, not the bestselling author) wasn't the biggest Hank Moody fan to begin with, so the news of Hank's potential involvement in this student's demise doesn't make things any easier. Hank is on very thin ice.


Hank goes to visit the student at the hospital, where he apologizes for his insensitivity. He explains that it's normal for men to have confused feelings about other men. He then proceeds to recount a story that Runkle had told him at a bar the previous night and he claims it as his own experience. The student seems to be recuperating in good spirits and holds no grudge against Hank. He only asks that Hank drive his roommate, Jackie (played by Eva Amurri), another student in Hank's class, to work: a strip club. There is some innocent flirtation on the ride, but very tame for Hank - her character appears in several upcoming episodes, however, so we're hoping that something scandalous happens. 


In another story line, Charlie and Marcie are living together again for economic considerations, but definitely not "together" together. In fact, Marcie has a date pick her up from the house. If that wasn't a big enough slight to Charlie's ego, he later returns to the house to find them having "rape-play" sex - though he doesn't realize they're role-playing, and jumps on Marcie's date's naked backside in an attempt to save his wife!


When he realized that Marcie was acting out a fantasy, Charlie was literally sickened by her depravity. Charlie's boss Sue confirms that many women have these rape fantasies. Charlie decides if he's going to try to win Marcie back, he's going to have to do whatever it takes to please her... so he comes home late at night, puts a pair of pantyhose over his head, and begins to have sex with Marcie while she is asleep! She was pissed - and with good reason! Way to go, Runkle!


Finally, something is going on with Becca. It could just be that she's a typical moody teenager, but Hank is usually emotionally unavailable to her, so that doesn't help. She seems wrapped up in her appearance and worried about her weight - she's also vague about who she's talking to do, where she's going, etc. When Hank comes home from the hospital, Becca is being a pain in the ass. Hank decides that enough is enough and she is going to stay at home with him that night. Even though the episode ends with Hank and Becca screaming at each other, it's almost nice to see Hank do some proper parenting for a change. 

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Californication Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Charlie: Can I ask you a question, Sue?
Sue: The answer is yes, I would love a face ride.

Marcie: What are you thinking?
Charlie: Guess I thought it was something you might enjoy. You know, and maybe in the middle, you'd be like, 'God, I really do love this schmuck.'
Marcie: You thought that in the middle of raping me, I'd realize how much I love you?