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Hank and Charlie return home from their trip to find Charlie's house trashed from a party Becca threw. Hank call in and Karen and together they try to talk some sense into their daughter. When their words don't seem to make an impression Hank takes Becca to meet Atticus and hopes she sees the destructive nature of drugs and alcohol. His plan backfires when Atticus introduces them to his guest Marilyn Manson a personal hero of Becca's. Karen walks in on Hank getting personal with Atticus's wife and is upset with him for jeopardizing her job. Charlie meanwhile, fresh off his near death experience tries to rekindle his relationship with Marcy. Things go well for him until Marcy learns about a discretion he had while watching Stuart. 

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Californication Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Sometimes it's important to lie to children.


Karen: You're making some questionable choices right now.
Becca: Says the queen of questionable choices.