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The episode opens with Baxter Sarno (Patton Oswalt) and other news correspondents ripping on Greystone in the aftermath of his wife's terrorist confession.  As Greystone Industries stock continues to plummet, Cryus encourages Daniel to hire a publicist, Priyah (Luciana Carro), to boost the company image.  Daniel, of course, refuses when she tells him to gon Sarno's show.

Meanwhile, Avatar Zoe has figured out a way to wirelessly go into the holostream while in her robot body.  Zoe meets Lacy inside, who is growing paranoid as Sister Clarice tries to get closer with her.  We learn that Clarice is trying to get closer to Lacy due to pressure from the Soldiers of the One bosses, but of course, Zoe and Lacy don't realize this.  They decide not to get Clarice involved, but run into Tamara while inside the stream.  They find her trapped inside the room Daniel created, by find a door out and take Tamara with them.  Tamara ends up leaving them in the middle of the club.  Towards the end of the episode we see Clarice wander intot he holostream.

Meanwhile, Joseph is sick of Daniel ignoring his phone calls and requests to see Tamara.  He and Sam meet up with Daniel after his boxing workout and rough him up.  Daniel agrees to take Joseph inside to see Tamara, but they find she's gone.  Angered, Joseph orders his brother Sam to even the score and have Amanda killed.

Also in the Adama world, Joseph is having problems convincing a judge to take his usual bribe when he forgets to ask him personally and just drops the money.  The judge still takes it, but demands twice as much.  Young Bill seems to be spending a lot of time with this wonderful influence of an Uncle as he delivers sandwichs and drinks beers with the Tauron mafia guys.

Meanwhile, we also see that Agent Durham has a partnered who screwed up and had an curfew violation interview with Ben Stark a year before the bombing and caught him with wires and a detonation device and set him free.  She tries to right her wrong by getting a search warrant for the Graystone's place, something Durham wasn't able to do last episode.

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Caprica Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Daniel: San we talk?
Sam: Sure, I like to talk... about my niece Tamara. She's dead because you raised a terrorist.

Daniel Graystone's biography is titled "The Man Who Could See The Future," the sequel will be called "Wow, I Didn't See That Coming."