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On the first Castle episode of 2011...

The murder victim, Stacy Collins, is a high end matchmaker who is found dead with her keys stolen and her office ransacked. Suspicions lead the detectives to question her ex-boyfriend who believed she had been cheating on him. Leads take the questions to a private investigator who had been checking out potential clients for the business. Collins had started turning away clients because of the failed relationships she was setting up.

The victim was using a mark to honeytrap male clients in affairs, allowing the wives to be compensated and walk away with dignity. A male client went looking for pictures of his affair, accidentally killing Collins.

Natalie Rhodes is the actress playing Nikki Heat in Castle’s book turned movie. She shadows Kate to learn her mannerisms and character. She sits on in questioning and dyes her hair to match Beckett’s. Trying to learn the character, she kisses Castle whom one of the characters is based on.

Natalie starts to take over Beckett’s role, taking her coffee from Castle and chiming in when unnecessary, upsetting the detectives and Castle. She becomes so good at impersonating Kate’s mannerisms that the squad is a little creeped out. Castle and Beckett are both relieved to see her go.

Detective Ryan proposes to his girlfriend Jenny at the station.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Pick it up, Dad, a murder will make you feel better.


Your books are not exactly Shakespeare.

Martha [to Castle]