Yossarian Walks With Orr - Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 5
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Orr returns to base, having survived the crash of his plane. Yossarian, instead of being punished for turning back around in the previous episode, is promoted to captain. He requests leave to visit Clara and hand over Nately's ring, but is denied.

He uses some of Milo's men to head to Rome anyway. Once there, Yossarian finds the brothel torn apart and empty. He searches the streets, finding Clara's young sister. The language barrier prevents him from getting her help, and so he passes the ring on to her.

On his way back, Yossarian finds the girl from the hotel dead in the streets, having fallen from the balcony. He races up to find Arfy, who has raped and murdered her. MP's show up, Yossarian accusing him of the cruelties. They are there for him, however, for desertion.

Yossarian is jailed in a green zone base. Cathcart arrives, telling him to drop the accusations against Arfy. If he does, his mission count will be wiped, and he will be allowed to return home.

The base is suddenly under attack, Milo coming to help them escape. The base is bombed as they flee in a jeep.

Upon return, Cathcart finds Colonel --- now General --- Scheisskopf now in charge of the base, and the entire theater of war. Before Cathcart can sign Yossarian's papers, Scheisskopf hears the name and halts it. He tells Yossarian he must complete his missions, hinting of his knowledge of Yossarian's affair with his wife.

Orr becomes Yossarian's new pilot. During the next mission, Yossarian is hit with shrapnel, its damage unknown. The plane continues to get hit, and starts to go down. Everyone, including Yossarian escapes, all but Orr.

Orr hopes to take the plane to the water. Yossarian parachutes down to the countryside while watching Orr and the plane go down.

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Catch-22 Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You keep this, all right? This is yours, okay? You keep it, sell it, just do what you gotta do.


Milo: Ain't it beautiful? What does this look like to you?
Yossarian: The apocalypse.