Unfinished Business - Chance
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D continues to recover at the clinic in Tijuana - his is given an anti-venom serum to help with the rattlesnake poison that was on the knife Hector used to cut him.

We meet Frank's new apprentice -- Pruitt, a young ex-con who likes to be rough with women.

Nicole leaves Lucy's house to search for her father in Mexico.

Chance helps a young local patient at the clinic.

After warning him against it, D agrees to sneak back into the US with Chance in order to go after Frank.

Lorena explains to Chance and D how they and others will sneak back over the border.

Nicole gets off the bus in Mexico and finds someone who knows D.

Chance and D ambush Pruitt at his job and force him to tell them about his relationship with Frank and when they are going to go after a woman.

Lorena picks up Nicole and explains that Chance and D went back to California. Nicole misses her dad.

Chance and D wait in a warehouse where Frank brings a prostitute for him and Pruitt to kill. D accidentally tips them off -- Frank kills the woman, Pruitt shoots Frank in the leg, Frank kills Pruitt, Frank escapes.

After stitching himself up, Frank checks into a hotel for a week's stay and calls in sick to work. He tells investigators that he spotted Chance in California.

Frank goes to see Christina under the guise of looking for Chance.

Chance and D show up at Frank's hotel room and force him to videotape a confession of his crimes at gun point. Frank complies, but twists the truth.

Chance, upset that Frank isn't doing things "the right way" he chokes him out long enough to kill him. He and D bury Frank's body.

After a bit of a time jump, D and Lorena clean their new place in Mexico. D reveals that envelope given to him by the PI was information about a trust in which his mother left him money.

When discussing the future Lorena tells D the baby will call him "D for Daddy."

Nicole helps Chance as his new place as well, in Mexico. She promises to come back after she finishes her probation and gets her GED.

Christina comes to pick up Nicole and in a conversation with Chance she forgives him for all of the crazy things that have happened and hopes that they'll all be okay.

A police officer shows up at the clinic when D and Chance are there and asks to see Chance's medical license. D shows him Cesar's number, the gang leader, and the cop leaves.

Outside, Chance finds a line of locals around the block waiting to be seen by him for medical care.

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Chance Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Chance: First of all, what are you wearing? Secondly, you just told me that you weren't going. And now, what, you're gonna fly under the radar? What is that?
D: Lorena got it. It was the only thing in grande. And number two, I didn't say I wasn't going. I said I didn't want to.

You can't fix every fucked-up thing you see, Doc.

D [to Chance]