Changing Course - Chance
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Chance is fingerprinted and questioned in jail -- Dawson Pitt picked him out of a lineup.

Nicole leaves a voicemail for Chance from a gas station pay phone letting him know that she is okay but still pissed that she was sent to the nature camp.

Lucy posts Chance's $8,000 bail and he is released.

Chance goes to see Christina and lets her in on Nicole's message. Christine is pissed that Chance and Nicole are so similar and unwilling to make the "right" decisions.

D takes out the guys from the gang that kidnapped him. It's a violent and gruesome stabbing with number 2 pencils.

Chance meets with his lawyer and learns that his situation doesn't look good and he is facing 6 months to 2 years in prison.

Nicole finds the teenage squatter house in Oakland that her friend Lexi told her about and the let her stay there.

Sid meets with Chance and confirms the DNA match with the Stevie case and Chance reveals that the murderer was Frank Lambert.

Lorena meets with D and is pissed that he went after the gang. She panics about possible retaliation and agrees to "ask for permission" for them to kill Hector.

Lorena wants to know what is going on between her and D and he holds her hands up to his heart and says that it's real.

Sid and another detective go to see Frank and he spins a story about Stevie that makes it impossible to arrest him for the murder.

Chance asks Sid what they can do about Frank and he essentially says nothing. 

Chance goes to see D at the workshop and explains that he's going to plead guilty to his crimes and go to jail. D thinks this is a stupid idea and wants Chance to run to Mexico with him and Lorena.

Chance visits Clayton to say he's pleading guilty in part to take the attention off of her and the clinic. She tells him to beat it and he does.

D and Lorena road trip to Tijuana and ask gang-leader Cesar, a friend from Lorena's childhood, for permission to kill Hector. He agrees.

D and Lorena stake-out Hector's place and D introduces her to some guys he asked to come down from Oakland for backup.

Nicole leaves another message for Chance letting him know where she's staying and he goes to see her. She is extremely upset when he reveals his impending jail stay.

Chance takes Nicole to stay with Lucy so that she won't have to go back to her mother while he's incarcerated. He also gives Lucy an expensive painting to pay back what she spent on bail.

Chance pleads guilty in court and several past patients testify on his behalf about how he's helped them.

D and his crew roll up on the gang and he takes Hector out in less than 30 seconds, but suffering several stab wounds in the process.

Frank goes to see Chance at his apartment and reveals that he isn't going to stop killing just because Winter isn't in the picture anymore.

Chance his sentencing hearing and flees to Mexico to see D. He changed his mind about "doing the right thing" after learning about Frank's intentions.

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Chance Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Chance: Honestly, I don't regret it. I don't regret what I've done or what I've asked you to do on my behalf. I'm guilty of it. I'm going to take responsibility for it. That's probably the best thing I can do for Nicole right now.
D: Pretty stupid, getting locked up and leaving her over a fuckin' moral abstraction.
Chance: Is it? An abstraction, I mean. Because it feels real to me. I felt guilty because I wasn't able to do more. So, I did more. And I reinforced the cycle of fallout that we're all trapped in because I wanted to have control. But I didn't have control because no one has control.
D: So, why you did it doesn't matter? All intents and purposes, you and Matty Willis are the same? And Wade Pardo and Lambert? Because you're not.
Chance: Everyone's got to take responsibility for what we're doing, for what we've done to each other. I can't ask of other people something that I won't ask of myself.

Lorena: This is crazy, you and me, whatever. I don't even know what this is. It feels like a story or something, it's not even real.
D: It's as real as it gets.