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Urban legends? A man is talking to a girl over a cuppa joe. He begins telling her the tale behind some graffiti nearby.

Two kids trying to be cool walk through the park, more of a forest, and find a staircase in the middle leading to a doorway. Stupid girl wants the boy to go back. Man telling the story says everyone knew never to do that. Apparently not these two, girl of whom is called Kara.

Dude is ready to leave, but Kara sees a "kid" crawling through the brush and wants to investigate because she doesn't care for her life.

It's almost pitch black and dude still isn't to the street yet. He appears to be lost at a long dead playground. A dwarf with a sledgehammer and a thirst for blood attacks him, as they do.

Kara runs after Ben and right into the dead playground screaming his name.

We're back to the girl and the man. She's taking a job with him and talking about her sister, Zoe. They're roommates. Zoe is really cool but in a transitional phase which includes smashing up pills to snort.

The place they're staying is a giant old house. They're met by a crackpot who doesn't live at the house. Landlady Louise asks the woman politely to get off the lawn while Alice introduces herself.

A Google search revealed that Louise used to be a reporter. It used to be an actual job, Louise laughed. Her brother disappeared, too. She had a hairless cat named Andre and a full house of hairy stuffed animals.

Alice is going to be a family advocate, teaching families about the system so they can use it. Louise thinks Alice is optimistic.

Alice gets a call from her mother. They left without telling her where they were going and it's staying that way.

Alice suggests to Louise she doesn't offer to Zoe a drink or anything because she's in recovery.

Butcher's Block is a sacrifice zone or a socioeconimic dead zone. Alice's boss tells her to never go down there at night or alone. After Mr. Peach of Peach's Meats disappeared, the place fell apart. He's going to play into this story because he's played by Ruter Hauer.

Izzy is going to be taken from her mother because she got bitten while playing in the park. Her mother is going to be punished because of it.

Alice interjects to tell her story of throwing herself down the stairs when she was younger to get attention because Zoe got it all.

There is a kid with alopecia inside the walls of the house. Alice can feel his presence, but there isn't a way to see him.

When she gets up to see Izzy, she feels a disturbance in the walls.

Izzy is wearing an outift with "smart mouth" written on the tag inside. She says she found it on the playground in the park.

There is a hole in her wall that continually disturbs Alice.

Izzy asks Alice to make sure nothing happens to her and her mom and then calls in Nathan to look at the hole in the wall. Izzy sneaks out and the door slams.

There is screaming and when they return to the living room, both Tanya and Izzy are gone, but there is a lit cigarette on the couch.

Zoe, meanwhile, snorts some more medication and takes a walk. Louise, I never wanted kids so I won't mess with Zoe, allows Zoe to hit her dooby.

Zoe tells Louise about her insidious onset that set upon her at age 26. It's the beginning of the end of her, and it's eating her up.

The police dont believe Tanya and Izzy disappeared an hour before CPS was ready to take her kid away. Alice, though, heard Tanya's screams and can't let go. She's going to the park to look for her.

She's taking Zoe with her.

The scissors lady greets them outside of their house, and she tries to cut Zoe. The sisters run into the house.

Alice leaves looking for Izzy, and when Zoe thinks she sees Izzy, it's the dwarf and she takes on after her. Luckily, dumbass Alice is already halfway to the park. Surely they'll meet up.

Alice sees clues in the dumpster as Zoe runs through the Medallion Park welcome arch.

Joseph (Peach) is out taking a walk and runs into Alice. When he's walking in the park, he's in two worlds.

Alice is at the bottom of the stairs looking at the dwarf. She doesn't know if she's having a vision or if he's real. She reaches out to touch him.

He's real alright and looks like a giant baby eating an animal or something. It frowns unhappily while wielding the meat hammer as the door opens and what was once a man, maybe, now without skin, comes out of the door and the weird baby dwarf follows him inside to some old-timey music.

Butcher's Block is probably not the best place for her to "recover."

Zoe thinks as much when she gets back to the house as she packs her bags and plans on getting out of here.

Alice doesn't want to leave and go back there. Zoe realizes Alice doesn't want to be just like her.

Alice apologizes to Louise about the noise and stays to chat about what happens in Butcher's Block. People go missing.

All of the Peaches disappeared in 1952. Louise believes some of them are still hanging around killing.

Alice realizes she saw him in the park. At the same time, Zoe is at the bus stop meeting "Joey."

Channel Zero
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Channel Zero Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Zoe: You are going to let me hit that...
Louise: You know, your sister said you were clean.
Zoe: Yeah, I don't like to stress her out.

Alice: Hey Nathan! Nathan! I think there's something inside the wall.
Nathan: What?
Alice: There's something inside the wall.