Alice? How often do you have to feed it? Shouldn't that be a red flag, Alice? It eats children.


Alice: Can I see this higher power?
Joseph: You can't ... before the offering.
Alice: What offering?
Joseph: Of our little angel.
Alice: Izzy.

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Yes. Our god has many angels. We promised her to him, but she got away. We have to deliver her to him tonight. If we don't, it will be very dangerous for all of us. We have to accept it. Do you understand? [Alice smiles]


Do you know what you just did? You killed your sister.


Louise: Do you remember my brother?
Joseph: I don't know. What did he taste like?

Louise: Is that right? So they'll be coming for her?
Zoe: Oh, I have a feeling they're coming right now.
Louise: Then we'll just have to make sure they don't get their hands on her. We'll let the Peaches pay what they owe!

Joseph: There's uh, there is something I want to talk to you about. It's a promise that needs to be fulfilled so that we don't lose our dream here.
Alice: A promise to who?
Joseph: A higher power of some kind gave us the summer house.
Alice: What kind of higher power? Is it beautiful?
Joseph: It's so beautiful it will make your eyes bleed.

Mother: Joseph, you're wasting time. If we don't deliver the little girl by tomorrow night, he won't be kind.
Joseph [ear to Edie's womb]: Shhh. I hear a heartbeat.
Mother: Joseph! That is not the child we should be worried about.

Zoe: He hasn't revealed to you what you will become. [unwraps her leg] You will become very, very hungry.
Alice: Anything is better than going insane. I feel like I am catching on fire. In slow motion. Zo, our entire lives, we have been on the edge of something terrible. Don't you just, for once in your life, want to be taken care of? Protected?
Zoe: That is like saying you are so scared of being disfigured that you have decided to let someone cut your face off.

Chief: I wanted to make it quick. I was afraid of what they'd do to him.
Louise: Father of the year.

Zoe: I'm not a Peach or a fly, yet I can pass the red door. What am I?
Gardener: A child.

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Alice: What are you doing?
Zoe: I want to go back the way I came in. [eats the centipede]

Channel Zero Quotes

Zoe: You are going to let me hit that...
Louise: You know, your sister said you were clean.
Zoe: Yeah, I don't like to stress her out.

Alice: Hey Nathan! Nathan! I think there's something inside the wall.
Nathan: What?
Alice: There's something inside the wall.