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-Aspiring model Gabriella Tucker disappears. Her parents hire the Angels to investigate.

-Abby goes undercover as the new model/roommate in the home where Gabriella was living. Bosley gets work there as a martial arts trainer.

-Abby finds $100,000 in cash hidden in Gabrielle's room and a title for a condo in her parent's names.

-Kate's ex, Detective Ray Gibson is also working the case. He, Kate, and Eve all end up at Gabrielle's condo and find her dead body in the tub. She was murdered a day before the Angels took the case.

-Turns out Gabriella had gotten involved with a green card marriage scheme. When she learned that her new husband was an assassin, she was killed. 

-The Angels interrogate the middle man, Mitch Dawson by dunking him in a toilet but he won't talk. Ray stops them and arrests Dawson.

-They track down Gabriella's husband, Nikolai and stop him from killing the Russian first lady but there is another assassin out there.

-Eve recognizes a security guard from a picture she saw at Nikolai's and they stop him.

-Kate saves Ray's life when she shoots Nikolai before he can shoot Ray. Afterwards, Ray ask her on a dinner date. He misses her. Kate realizes they just won't work anymore and she gives him back his ring.


Charlie's Angels
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Charlie's Angels Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Watch your mouth Jerry or you'll have to talk to her instead of me.


Why do all creeps have to be world class sprinters?