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Beth and April finally have a heartfelt conversation about the current events in their lives after feeling like they're friendship is drifting apart. Also, April expresses how she's finally able to get her life back on track after losing her husband, Leo.

In order to give her daughter some sort of closure, Sara reveals new information about Thomas to April. April has a hard time accepting the information, feeling as though there is more to the story.

After being stuck inside the house during a snow storm, April, Brenna and Natalie continue to seek answers from their Uncle George. After much thought, George questions whether he should reveal what exactly he knows regarding Thomas. He finally caves in and tells Sara, Brenna, April and Natalie the truth about Thomas manuscript and the mystery surrounding his unexpected death. The new, startling information could shake thinks up for everyone involved. Natalie has a hard time dealing with this information and could potentially cause trouble for the family.

George tries to rekindle his relationship with Mae. Sara and George finally talk about their short lived relationship and it's aftermath.

Brenna continues to sharpen her filming skills for her summer program by documenting her family.


Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Bring on the drama.


It's like he knew it was the last time.