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Sara, April and Brenna are still dealing with the devastating news about Thomas' illness and death. Sara continues her concern about the man her husband truly was and the secrets he kept from her.

With Natalie still missing, the Carver women fear that she may tell everyone the truth regarding Thomas' death and are on a mission to locate her whereabouts.

April finally wants to use the events of her life as an inspiration for a book. She decides to meet with an agent that could potentially lead her to the opportunity of a lifetime. With the ribbon cutting of Leo's camp, April wonders if she can truly get over Leo's death.

Brenna opens up to her family about how she's dealing with the news of her father's death. Also, her friendship with Finn takes an interesting twist. 

Beth finally believes in herself and takes a leap of faith that will lead to a new career opportunity. She also questions if her new love life has the potential to be long term.

Dominic is bored with his life as a reporter and finds new inspiration for a much needed career change. He wonders if he should reveal his true feelings to April.

Chasing Life
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Chasing Life Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

People don't want to hear the truth. Even if they say they do.


She's no stranger to drama.