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April and Leo are still adjusting to married life while getting settled into their new place. As the two have lunch with Leo's co-workers questions about children are the topic of discussion, making April wonder if she should consider having children knowing that her health may continue to decline. As April still has concerns about the future she possibly may not have with hubby Leo, he convinces her that everything will be okay, and then tragedy happens.

Things get awkward with Sara's attempts to make George jealous when she finds out he's dating someone new and doesn't want to seem like a loner.

Brenna joins a LGBT group that makes her question her sexuality. With members of the group teasing that it's impossible for Brenna to be bisexual, she proves them wrong in true Brenna fashion while making amends with Finn.

George wants to read Thomas' manuscript and he reveals some shocking information to April about her dad's affair with Olivia.

Beth finally goes on a date with a new guy after her having break up sex with her ex Graham. She goes on the date to get information about medication for April, and it turns out she may actually like the new guy.

Chasing Life
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