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April finds out about the fight when Frankie reveals it to her and it leads her to Dominic to find out what went down. April has to decide what to do when she has doubts about Leo, but she presses on because she knows how much she loves him. At the wedding, when she's walking down the aisle, she collapses and finds herself in hospital with Hamburg grilling her about her lifestyle choices. She is taken off the trial medication and she gets upset, but Leo puts a plan into action and the wedding happens in the hospital. 

Natalie tries to build bridges with her grandma, but she is far too interested in April to take notice and Natalie calls her out and it makes her realize the error of her ways and she apologizes. 

Beth and Graham finally see each other again and Beth's new boyfriend dumps her when he notices she is making it her mission to make Graham jealous. Beth and Graham finally sleep together again, but this time, it's in the hospital.

Chasing Life
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