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Severide helps Mills make the jump from Truck to Squad. 

A kid gets stuck in a laundry chute at a local apartment building.

Casey and Severide argue over Heather Darden.

There's a drive by shooting at the firehouse.

Kelly talks to Shay about her insemination. and he tells her he's in.

Dawson helps Mills train to join Squad.

Boden, Mouch and Hermann attend a funeral.

The kid from the laundry chute doesn't make it.

Someone steals the ambulance with Dawson in the back.

Casey confronts drug dealers stashing their junk in neighborhood hydrants.

Mouch takes Hermann to visit his brother.

The Station 51 honors the littlest hero.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Heather Darden and me, we're just friends. She came over to talk and she fell asleep on my couch.


No sir. This has nothing to do with what my father did or did not do with his time at CFD. This has to do with me.