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Dawson and Mills continue flirting with each other the morning after, but decide to keep what they did a secret. Nevertheless, back at the firehouse, Boden soon takes notice of Mills flirting with Dawson, and brings him into his office for a chat. Letting him know that since he is still a candidate he should work on honing his skills and keep her personal life private. Mills tells Boden that it's none of his business, and Boden let's Mills know that it will reflect very poorly on Mills towards his superiors if they see he would rather chase women than do his job.

Kelly informs Boden of his injury, and Boden wants to get a second opinion. The Doctor informs Kelly that he will most likely need rehab for a year before he can begin trying to get back to rescue, but that he shouldn't get his hopes up because she hasn't seen anyone recover fully. Instead, he should set his sights on an administrative position.

Cruz continues to deal with Flacko's death alone, and begins cutting himself.

Hermann sells his limo to the department as a training tool.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Hey, you know what's weird? I just realized that your last name and Tom Cruise's last name are pronounced exactly the same.

Mouch [To Cruz]

Mouch: How's the noodle?
Shay: Hard as ever.
Mouch: That's what-
Shay: That what he said.