Cruz and Severide at Work - Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 12
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Violet and Novak bond over kickboxing while discussing their coworkers who haven't returned to the firehouse.

Capp asks Cruz for advice about couples therapy because his girlfriend has asked about going.

Severide complains about his desk job duties.

Guys from another squad challenge Capp and Tony to attempt to break a world record.

51 responds to a call with multiple victims who need to be evacuated from tents and RVs in a precarious living situation.

Backup arrives, and Lennox is on the scene, but Violet is not happy about it.

One of the victims is unruly because he is worried about someone still inside. Lennox makes the rash decision to dose him with Versed to sedate him, but Severide is concerned that the decision is dangerous.

After saving a victim, Cruz collapses outside from smoke inhalation. Violet and Novak attempt to save him.

Cruz regains consciousness and is sent to the hospital despite fighting against the team. Chloe shows up at the hospital worried. Cruz reassures Chloe that he's fine.

Violet is bothered that Carver is away.

Violet checks on the patient that Lennox sedated and is told that he has been intubated and put on a ventilator. Violet is angry and concerned that Lennox's decision to sedate the patient caused him to become hypoxic.

Capp and Tony try to break records after the guys from the other squad got into their heads.

Violet expresses her concerns about Lennox to Severide. Severide agrees with her and promises to report Lennox to Chief Robinson.

Chloe is bothered that Cruz doesn't want to take time off work after his accident. The two of them end up getting into a fight that boils down to Chloe's fears about Cruz's job.

Severide gets sucked into the competition between squads 3 and 4 when he feels challenged by another lieutenant.

Lennox confronts Violet about the complaint Severide filed.

Violet and Novak respond to a call where an injured elderly lady can't recall how she got hurt. The lady says her husband is sick, and Novak offers to check on him. She finds the woman's husband deceased in the bed and determines that he has been dead for days.

Violet tries to comfort Novak about the distressing call, but she is very upset.

Capp and Tony try to pull a fire truck by themselves to break the world record. Cruz is annoyed, but helps them anyway. They didn't come anywhere close to making it as far as they were supposed to.

Severide receives a warning that Paramedic Chief Robinson is coming for Severide's head because of the complaint he filed against Lennox.

Novak opens up to Violet about her heartbreak over the patient's death.

Paramedic Chief Robinson shows up and thanks Severide for his report. She lets him know that Lennox has been fired as a result of the complaint. Severide is unsure how to take the unexpected conversation.

Violet is also shocked to hear that Lennox was fired and thinks it was an overreaction on Robinson's part.

Chloe shows up at the station to clear things up and apologize to Cruz.

The woman Cruz saved comes to give him a drawing she made of him to thank him for saving her life.

Cruz gives Capp and Tony a pep talk to convince them to go try to break the record, and they do it!

The guys from Squad 4 let them know that without the Guinness observer, the attempt doesn't count. Capp and Tony find the fact that the other squad spent $1200 on the observer to be ridiculous and they tell them as much.

Lennox confronts Severide and gives him insight into Robinson's political motives.



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Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 12 Quotes

Is that a guy we want out there? Panics under pressure; almost kills his patients because of it?


Novak: Cruz really didn't want to stay in the hospital. Practically flipped a stretcher to prove a point. Thought we were gonna have to fight him.
Violet: Oh, he couldn't take us.
Novak: No.