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Kelly goes running and sees a bulldozer tips over. Running over to help, he sees a boy trapped inside the cab with a piece of rebar through his forearm and the dashboard on his leg. With no cell phone to call for help, Kelly tries to help Nathan by himself, but broken scaffolding ends up falling on him. The next day Shay starts looking for Kelly, and finds him and Nathan in the bulldozer.

Mouch’s election for union president is unsuccessful.

Chief Boden signs his resignation papers, and meets with Benny who tells him that Station 51 is no longer on the chopping block.

The fire at Game Day puts suspicion on Otis, Hermann, and Dawson, and Jay urges Dawson to help him unhinge Arthur. Arthur also confesses to burning down Game Day when they refused to pay him. Jay brings Arthur down and asks to be put on the intelligence unit.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

It’s okay to cry here, I have.


Jeff: A firefighter needs 3 things to thrive: water, common sense, and balls.