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Dawson worries about her test to be a candidate, and Shay wonders what she's going to do without her; Shay asks Casey when he's going to propose because she's barely keeping the secret. Shay also runs into her old girlfriend/robber, Devon, who wants to talk. Kelly worries that she's going to fall right back into her spell, but Shay insists that she's going to get their stuff back or call the cops on her.  

A rumor is going around that is Dawson passes her test she'll be placed at Austin. When she goes to introduce herself she gets a cold welcome. The Captain tells her that they're sorry the welcome is not that good, but considering their last candidate left and filed a complaint two weeks in. Shay wonders how Dawson is going to do it at that station when it's basically the stone age. 

Boden's old girlfriend, Donna Robins, tells him she's pregnant. Boden wants to be in the baby's life, and even proposes to her; however, she declines his proposal. Casey meets Antonio and asks for his blessing since her parents are out of town. He gives him her blessing. Boden and Mills enjoy a cigar together, and he tells him about what went down. Mills says he needs to drop the formalism and tell it like it is. Boden pulls out all the stops and proposes to her formally. This time she accepts his proposal. 

A new person, Newhouse, fills Clarke's spot, and Hermann is jealous. 

Chicago Fire
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