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A couple is having sex in a seedy motel room when all of a sudden there's a major leak and water comes pouring down from the ceiling.

The water turns out to be the overflow from a bathtub where a cop named Ted Cody is lying dead. Cody's wrists have been slit and a uniform named Jonesy assumes he committed suicide, but there's no knife or other weapon on the scene and Dawson and Laura believe he was murdered.

The SA's office investigates and Dawson and Laura learn that Cody was terminally ill and had six weeks to live. His neck was broken and someone put a knee on his back and pulled on his ear. He was dead before he was put in the bathtub.

The investigation quickly turns up a connection between Cody and a mob boss-type named Beckett who owns a farm and butcher shop. Years ago, Beckett was accused of burning down his farm and killing a worker named Paul Marcus. Stone talks to Paul's widow, Gail, who still is not over her husband's death. Stone is determined to get Beckett this time.

The knife used on Cody is found in a dumpster, but a defense attorney quickly gets it excluded from evidence because Jonesy left it in his car all night while he visited with his ex-wife and son and then lied about when he found it. 

It's back to the drawing board and the investigation leads to the discovery that Beckett paid off a juror on his previous trial to find him innocent. Stone realizes that Cody was blackmailing Beckett to keep this quiet. He demands a new trial on the Marcus case on the grounds that if a juror was paid off, the original trial wasn't a proper trial. The judge agrees.

In the course of questioning Beckett on the stand, Stone realizes that Beckett killed Cody the same way he wrangled the pigs when he burned down his farm. He offers a deal: 35 years if he confesses to both murders. Beckett agrees to the deal.

Gail Marcus gives Stone the jersey her husband wore, which she's kept by her bed since his death.

Chicago Justice
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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Laura: So someone went to a lot of trouble to make this look like a suicide.
Dawson: Like we'd miss a broken neck.

Jonesy: Slit wrists. It was obviously a suicide.
Dawson: Hot water. Whoever did this wanted the body to decompose.
Jonesy: Excuse me, did you just say whoever did this? We know who did this. He killed himself.
Laura: Look again, Officer. What's missing?
[as Jonesy looks] Dawson: The knife.
Laura: Maybe Officer Jonesy can get us some coffee.
Dawson: What a terrible way for a cop to go.
Jonesy: Wait a second, did you just say he was a cop?
Dawson: You mean your boss didn't tell you?
Jonesy: No.
Laura: Officer Jonesy, meet Officer Ted Cody, Chicago PD.