On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 9, the murder of a college student turns into a debate over 2nd Amendment rights when it's found she was killed with her own gun.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 9 takes on the 2nd Amendment as well as what happens to people who have been acquitted of a serious crime.

When a college student turns up dead after an Escape the Room game, the SA's office initially makes Abigail Chapman their top suspect. Abigail was tried and acquitted for the murder of her boyfriend in Spain and has just recently returned to the United States. She ran away when she heard about this new murder.

Abigail is quickly found, but she has a psychotic episode while being questioned and is hospitalized. While she is in the hospital, the federal government demands she be turned over to them for extradition so that Spain can re-try her original case. However, Stone is able to block that when Abigail is found to be a material witness in the new crime.

The prime suspect is now Abigail's friend Bethany, whose fingerprints are on the murder weapon. To complicate matters, the victim was killed with her own gun and Bethany claims self-defense, quoting an anti-gun professor verbatim about how only lunatics have guns and how the NRA would change their tune if their staff became the victim of a massacre.

Bethany appears to be winning her case until Stone and Valdez convince Abigail to testify, but the defense attorney's behavior seems to make Abigail worse. Stone is able to pull out one more card at the last second that gets him what he wants.

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On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 9, when Abigail Chapman returns from Spain after being acquitted for murder, she finds she's the suspect in another murder.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Valdez: I think it's too early to convict her.
Jeffries: I wouldn't rely on the TV movie.
Valdez: I read two books and the trial transcripts. If Abigail Chapman hadn't been as beautiful as she was, this case never would have gone to trial.
Jeffries: Justice.It's a wonderful thing. Find the girl.

Cop: Hey. When Daddy Warbucks' kids gets whacked, they call in the big guns.
Laura: I wouldn't mind getting my ass back into a warm bed.