On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 10, Stone decides to take drastic measures to try to catch a gang member responsible for the murder of a child.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 10 involves a stolen gun and the murder of a child.

When Ernest Williams attempts to turn in the gun he finds under his nephew's mattress during a buyback program, the gun is found to have been recently used in a murder and he is arrested. Williams says that he found the gun under his nephew's mattress. His nephew claims not to know anything about it.

In a seemingly unrelated case, Stone and Valdez are prosecuting Christopher Stackhouse, a gang member who is believed to have murdered a ten-year-old girl during a gang war. But their case is thrown off when the gun WIlliams turned in turns out to be the murder weapon.

The investigation leads to Andre WIlliams' cousin Keo, who has no problem giving the cops attitude and doesn't want to cooperate with the investigation. As the police close in, Keo threatens Andre, leading his uncle to refuse the SA's office's protection and to run away with him.

Meanwhile, Stone decides to try to combat gang violence by forcing the cell phone companies to shut off suspected gang members' cell phones, since they are using social media to plan hits on their enemies.

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Episode Details

On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 10, Stone becomes obsessed with getting Justice for a girl killed in a shooting that was instigated on social media.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Andre: Is my uncle in some sort of trouble?
Dawson: That depends on what happens here. Your uncle found your gun.
Andre: What gun?
Laura: The one he found under your mattress.
Andre: I don't know nothing about any gun. I mean, if he found it, it's not mine.
Dawson: Did you shoot somebody?
Andre: Shoot somebody? No sir.
Dawson: If that gun was used in a shooting we're gonna find out about it. Now maybe we can help you but once we walk out of here, all bets are off. [pause]
Laura: Bad choice, Andre.
Dawson: Go back to class.

Man: I'd like to give back a gun.
Dawson: Where'd you serve?
Man: Iraq. [waits while gun is removed from bag] I was sweating bullets. If I got stopped with that thing...
Dawson: It's jammed.
Laura: Let me see it.
Man: I still gonna get the money even though it's broke?
Dawson: Of course.
Man: Good. I wanna buy my kid a clarinet. I figured this'll get me enough for a used one.
[Laura looks at barrel]
Laura: You see that?
Dawson: You're gonna have to come with us.
Man: Why? What'd I do?
Laura: That's blood splatters. We're pretty sure your gun has a body on it.