A Brooding Harvey
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Harvey survives the mine collapse thanks to Sabrina's protection spell, however, his brother is killed along with four other humans. Harvey doesn't want to believe it at first.

During Tommy's funeral, Harvey and his father have an argument which gets physical and Tommy's casket falls over.

Roz picks up Tommy's helmet and has a vision of Dorcas and Agatha in the mines crushing puppets of Harvey and Tommy with rocks. Roz confides in Sabrina about the vision, called the cunning by her Nana Ruth after her family was cursed for crossing a witch generations ago.

Sabrina tells Prudence, and they, along with Nick and Dorcas, assist in resurrecting Tommy and replacing his soul with Agatha's. They don't tell the Weird Sisters though, killing Agatha and then resurrecting her in ritual form.

However, they use the Cain Pit in the cemetery at the Spellman Sister's Mortuary to bring her back to life. This is meant to make sure Agatha comes back to life, which seems to work at first. 

Meanwhile, Father Blackwood consults with Ambrose about his house arrest and informs him the deal of immunity still stands if he names his co-conspirators in the plot to blow up the Vatican but Ambrose refuses, which is something he respects.

While Harvey and his father are having dinner, Tommy returns home.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ambrose: Aunt Dee, are you crying?
Zelda: Pollen.

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He said that his dream was that my dreams came true.