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Sabrina tries to make sense of the prophecy, and with Nick's help finds out that she will lead by the Dark Lord's side because she did most of the steps to get there. 

Ambrose tells Sabrina that there is a way to transfer her powers to another version of her, which would then need to be killed and would leave Sabrina a mortal. It looks like it didn't work the first time

Everything Madam Satan told her to do this season was leading up thise dooming Sabrina. She puts it together after she is attacked by her monster and gets Nick to look after Madam Satan while she tries to stop everything.

The clone of her goes around to all her friends and kidnaps them, trying to make clone copies of them. Theo wakes up though and saves them.

Ambrose and Sabrina plan a pistol match with her clone to decide who stays alive, and Sabrina cheats and kills the fake Sabrina. But Ms. Wardwell and Nick arrive and tell her that was the last step. Now the Dark Lord got his true form and is coming for her.

Meanwhile, Father Blackwood decides to make the Church about Judas now, controlling the women in the school and not the men. This concerns Prudence and Zelda, who ends up showing that she is no longer devoted to him when she tells him to spare a girl who wanted to run away. 

Prudence is still devoted to Father Blackwood though, putting her at odds with Zelda.

Zelda tells Hilda to alert the Council of Father Blackwood's plans, they blow her off and she stands up to them. Then one of the people comes to visit Hilda and tries to make a move on her. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Harvey: I'm never going to eat another vegetable again.
Theo: Like you ate vegetables before?

Why can't people just be nice to me? Oh. You're very nasty boys.

Fake Sabrina