The Dark Lord and Sabrina - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Sabrina tries to avoid seeing the Dark Lord and being forced to lead with him. Madam Satan shares a little more of her past and how it relates to the present. But she still has to take Sabrina to see the Dark Lord, it can't be stopped.

He reveals that he had Nick working for him and pushing Sabrina to the dark side too. He also says that he is her father, something that Hilda confirms that Sabrina's mother thought too after they asked the Dark Lord for help. He made it be his child because that way he would have Sabrina as a mortal and a witch and his child, the perfect way to open the Gates of Hell later.

Sabrina and her family try to figure out different ways to stop Dark Lord, and finally land on tricking him by making him believe Sabrina agrees to everything when all else fails. They lock him in Sabrina's fathers magical box but he escapes, so Madam Satan says he should be put in a regular body. Nick says he will do it because he loves Sabrina.

So Madam Satan ends up taking the Dark Lord in Nick's body to Hell, where she will be the Queen and run things. She restores Sabrina's powers and even brings back the real Ms. Wardwell. 

Sabrina and her human friends, who spent the episode keeping the gate to hell closed, decide to to work together to figure things out. Their first mission becomes Sabrina deciding that they will go to Hell to save Nick.

Meanwhile, Father Blackwood finds out about how daughter from Prudence, and locks Zelda up. But when Father Blackwood tells Prudence that he plans to marry his baby daughter to her twin brother, Prudence frees Zelda so they could figure out a plan. Zelda comes home to see the guy from the Council dead because he tried to touch Hilda.

Then once Father Blackwood meets with the Dark Lord and is told he is to obey Sabrina, he lies and poisons his coven. He plans to run away with the children and Prudence, but she goes to save her sisters and the coven. She gets help from the Spellmans, and they manage to save some people. Prudence vows to kill Blackwood, and she teams up with Ambrose to go find him and get their revenge. 

Meanwhile, Zelda decides she is the High Priestess and she will try to figure out what to do with the kids that are left.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Your every choice you have ever made has led you here. I've made quite sure of that. Haven't I, Nicholas?

Dark Lord

I restore to you your full witch abilities. So now, my dear, you have both power and freedom. And may you never give up either again.

Madam Satan