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The episoden opens with Casey and Chuck quitting the Buy More.  From there, Chuck is relieved from his duty and given a large check for his time.  Casey, meanwhile, gets assigned a new team, and Sarah is put on the new Intersect project with Bryce as her partner.  At the wedding, Roark arrives and threatens to kill Ellie if he doesn't get the Intersect back.  Chuck tells Morgan he has to delay the wedding for him to get the rings and heads off to retrieve the Intsersect.  He tries calling Casey's cell phone, but it's no good, he's already in the air and unable to answer.  Morgan ends up enlisting both Sarah and Devon's help in delaying the wedding and uses Jester, who performs a rocking rendition of "Mr. Roboto" in order to delay things out.

Chuck goes to retrieve the Intersect and runs into Bryce, who tells him he knew who Orion was the whole time and it was actually Chuck's father and that Bryce was always meant to be the human Intersect.  Chuck brings Bryce back to Roark and tells him he's the Inersect, but all he gets in a huge shoot out.  In the end, Casey and his boys end up flying in and killing all the Fulcrum agents and capturing Roark  The Jeffster song ends and when Jeff shoots off some flares at the end, it sets off the smoke detectors and the sprinklers come on... ruining the wedding.

Chuck saves the day by using his huge government money and having Casey and his boys plan an emergency wedding (this is a matter of national security!).  During the beach side wedding, Casey and the boys are playing poker when one of the marines double crosses, kills Roark, the marines, but leaves Casey alive.  He apparently once saved this guy's life.  During the reception, Bryce says goodbye to go get the Intersect put in his head, but Chuck's father flashes on the agent... it's a trap.  Sarah and Chuck go to rescue him and Chuck's father gives him the wristband computer.

Chuck gets to Bryce, but Bryce ends up getting fatally shot.  Before he dies he gives Chuck a card that will overload and destroy the Intersect.  He also reveals that Sarah told him that she wasn't going to go on the mission with him.  Chuck finally realizes that he does actually want to be a spy via some flashbacks and then decides to use the super Intersect before he destroys it.  When the spies break in, Chuck flashes... but this time it teaches him Kung Fu!  Apparently Bryce made some cool tweaks.  Chuck uses his cool new moves and whoops butt.

The credits end with "To Be Continued..."

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Here's my personal number, but your fingers better be on fire

Casey [to Chuck]

Chuck: See, guys can hug
Casey: Not if they don't have their man parts