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Chuck and Sarah arrive to the site where he flashed on his father being only to find nothing.  Meanwhile, we cut to Chuck's father who's watching him through a camera in a cigarette box.  Beckman sends Casey to retrieve Chuck and Casey and promots him to Colonel and gives him the pick of assignments if he retrieves them... dead or alive.  Casey goes to Chuck's place to look for clues and is spotted by Awesome and Ellie wh othink he's a stalker.  Ellie says that Chuck called her and Casey is able to trace their location. 

Chuck and Sarah stay at a hotel and are about to get it on until Chuck finds out he's missing a condom and heads out to get one.  Upon his return, Casey holds him at gunpoint and goes inside to find Sarah only to be knocked out.  They tie Casey up to a radiator and head out when Chuck flashes on a license plate and realizes Fulcrum is there... they can't leave Casey to die so they go back to get him.  Sarah ends up getting captured but after a shoot out, Sarah is left with no bullets and Casey has the upper hand.  He goes to drive them back to Beckman and along the way they see a movie theater that flashes Tron 12 am... Chuck correctly guesses it's a signal from his dad but Colonel Casey isn't going to stop.  They get back to the bunker where Casey locks them up.  He gives them his word that he'll rescue Chuck's father who has done enough for the country.

Meanwhile, Awesome went to the Buy More where he found out the guys also think Casey is stalking Chuck and give him Casey's keys.  Awesome breaks into Casey's apartment with the key and sets off an alarm which locks him in the house by gates.  Casey gets a notification and heads back to his place, leaving Sarah and Casey imprisoned.  Jeff and Lester, meanwhile, took a stick of dynamite from Casey's locker and use it to blow up the power box to sabotage's Emmet's new cash registers.  When they knock out the power, it temporarily frees Sarah and Chuck before the backup power comes on.  They head to rescue Awesome, who's actually holding up pretty well in a fist fight with Casey.  Sarah pulls a gun on Casey, getting him to back off, but Awesome to freak out.  Chuck comes clean about things to Devon but asks him to be Awesome and not tell anyone.  Sarah and Chuck leave Casey tied up in his place.

Chuck and Sarah head off to return to the drive in, while Casey gets a report from Beckman saying they'll bomb the bunker below the drive in and are willing to kill Chuck's dad.  But he gave his word!  Casey burns his way out of his plastic cuffs.  Casey meets up with Chuck and Sarah and initially goes to bring them back but when Chuck reminds him he gave them his word... he then is just angry they didn't invite him along.  They do.  But Sarah and Casey have one condition... Chuck stay in the car.  Casey and Sarah head in and rescue Steve, but come back out to find Chuck gone... he went to stop the new Intersect from being displayed to an army of Fulcrum agents.  While waiting for Chuck, Casey, Sarah and Steve get caught.

Everyone ends up in the projection booth where the new Intersect is going to be shown from.  It turns out Steve set it up to clear Chuck's brain and it works.  The bombing begins and they head off!  Back at the bunker, Beckman tells them the mission is over and Chuck and Casey pretend like Sarah went AWOL on purpose and used Chuck as bait to lure out Fulcrum.  Chuck brings Steve home to Ellie and Devon as his wedding gift.  Chuck then asks Casey to come to the rehearsal dinner as his friend and he agrees.  Sarah goes as his date.  The episode ends with Roark hitchhiking back.. he has a wedding to crash!

Emmet, meanwhile, is grooming Morgan to be his assistant manager.  However, after a talk to his girlfriend, Morgan decides to quit and move to Hawaii with her to becone a Hibachi chef!

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Casey: You drive or I'll end you.
Chuck: End me? Oh yeah, how you gonna do that? You don't have a gun.
Casey: Don't think I can't kill you with my thump or my elbow, nerd bludgeoned by a radiator.
Chuck: You can't kill me with that radiator; it is far too confined in this car for you to get the appropriate torque.
Casey: Strangle you with this handcuff chain.
Chuck: Yeah, yeah, you could probably do that

Casey: Drop it.
Sarah: Can't do that, John.
Chuck: Guys, guys, guys, guys let's just... let's just take a minute here, remember, we are a team.
Casey and Sarah: Stay in the car!
Chuck: Technically, I still have one foot in the car