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The episode opens with a young John Casey training with his Sensei, Ty Bennett.  When Casey and Sarah drag Chuck along on their mission, there's really no need for the intersect... Casey recognizes the spy.  After chasing him down and stabbing him with a Buy More pen, the Sensei gets away.

Benett uses the pen to track down Casey to Buy More where he runs into Chuck who can't help but follow him outside.  Casey comes to Chuck's rescue, but only after Chuck is trapped in the trunk of Bennett's car.  After Casey risks Chuck's life by playing a game of chicken with Bennett (and Chuck in his trunk!), the boss takes Casey off the mission... he's taken it too personal and put Chuck's life in danger.

Casey manages to trick Chuck into getting him Benett's current location and traps Chuck in the yogurt shop.  Chuck manages to break free and shows up to where Casey and Sarah are after Bennett.  After Chuck manages to get the group caught, Casey gets his master to fight him with honor in a final fight.  Casey beats his Sensei... but only after Chuck "saves his life" by giving him the words of encouragement he needed... by angering him!

Meanwhile, the Awesomes (played by Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxleitner) are in town to help plan the wedding with Ellie.  She seems more than willing to go along with everything until Woody offers to walk her down the aisle.  Ellie said she's never dreamt of a perfect wedding, but always had one dream: her father would walk her down the aisle.  Chuck says he'll make sure it happens.

As another subplot, the geeks of Buy More were being set up to compete in an "Employee of the Month" competition.  Morgan, instead, is convinced the prize will be lame and convinces the gang to compete for the worst employee.  However, at the end, it turns out the reward is a 65" Flat Screen.  Ouch.

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Sarah: Chuck, does the Global Launch Agency mean anything to you?
Chuck: GLA? Sure, they've sent probes to every planet except Pluto. Although Pluto's not officially a planet anymore, which really bums me out.
Casey: It's true. Space camp is where all the cool kids go.

Casey: Shut up!
Sarah: Yeah, shut up, Chuck, you're making him mad.
Chuck: Underneath that extremely terrifying exterior lies a man who deeply, deeply feels. You, you care. You care about us. You care about me. Admit it! You feel all warm and mushy about me! Go ahead, say it. You love me, John Casey.
Casey: I'm gonna kill you.
Chuck: Www...wait, wait, wait, wait! Hold on! No, not me! Him.