Missing Girls - Cloak and Dagger
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Mina conducts an experiment with a mouse to determine the effects if the Roxxon chemical. The power goes out and the mouse morphs into two mice. The angrier mouse kills the other.

A flashback to when Brigid rose from the lake of Roxxon chemicals and returned to her apartment. Brigid attacks her refrigerator and throws it down the stairs. A news report reveals "Brigid" is in the hospital.

The light Brigid in unconscious in the hospital. Mayhem (i.e. the dark Brigid) hides when cops investigate the hospital room; she wants to kill Connors.

Mayhem is revealed to the person who killed all the gang members in the club. Brigid had no clue that her being had split into two.

Mina reveals that Brigid's clone ony experiences anger and chaos. Her experiments also showed a potential for the darker clone to eliminate the origin.

A flashback shows Mayhem getting an apartment after running from the hospital room. In the present, Brigid brings Tandy and Tyrone to the apartment building she thinks Mayhem would hide out in. The room is filled with news clippings and photos.

A flashback to the past shows that Mayhem went to Delgado to search for Tyrone. Delgado had quit his job at the school.

In the present, Mayhem's room has pictures of the missing girls, as well as a chest of guns. Tyrone blames himself for bringing the gang members together to the club that got them killed. Tandy reassures him that he's a good person.

Brigid finds Mayhem's secret code of placing research and suspects on playing cards. The letters Tyrone found around the city relate to the type of drugs being moved around.

Delgado has become homeless and an alcoholic; he preaches incoherently on the street. Mayhem takes care of him when he passes out.

A flashback shows Mayhem eavesdropping on Brigid doing research on Connors' whereabouts.

In the present, Tandy and Tyrone sneak into a strip club searching for the kidnappers. Mayhem has found a lead to where the kidnapped girls will be. Mayhem catches Tandy's blade in her hand. Brigid can't muster the strength to shoot Mayhem.

In the past, the police has forced Adina to shut down an investigation into what happened in the community. Mayhem physically beats and interrogates one of the crooked cops. The cop doesn't know where Connors is; Mayhem kills the cop.

In the present, Delgado is resisting the urge to get alcohol. Mayhem tells him how she's unable to find Connors; she seeks solace with advice from him.

Tandy, Tyrone, and Brigid head to the truck yard; they find all of the kidnapped girls huddled together in front of a dead body. Mayhem saved them from the kidnappers.

Tandy sides with Mayhem's actions to save lives, but Tyrone doesn't think she made an honorable action.

A flashback shows Mayhem killing all of the people in the meeting room at the club.

Tandy uses her power to look inside the mind of one of the girls. Her mind is empty and full of sadness; she has no hope. Tyrone uses his powers to look into the same girl's mind; he experiences her nightmare and determines where the girls were going.

Delgado breaks his bottle of alchol. He gives a sermon on what people do in the moment.

A flashback shows Mayhem knocking out Brigid and taking over her life.

Tyrone investigates the interior of the kidnappers' hideout; Tandy uses her light ball to create a diversion. Tyrone teleports the remaining kidnapped girls back to Brigid.

Tandy gets caught by one of the criminals. Mayhem drives a truck over him to save her life.

Solomon, one of the criminals, spots Tyrone using his teleportation power. As Mayhem busts in to shoot the criminals, Tyrone uses his shadow abilities to absorb Mayhem.

Mayhem is trapped in the Darkforce world. She discovers Fuchs' dead body inside a refridgerator with a voodoo ritual at a gas station.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Brigid: So, when I went into the water after I was shot, I divided into two?
Mina: Yep. So, you and your twin have the same DNA, the same fingertips, even the same memories up until the point of the split.
Tyrone: But very distinct personalities?
Mina: Yeah, you said it.

Tandy: How is there two of you? And this other “you,” she slit this guy’s throat open with her own hand. She’s crazy strong and crazy homicidal.
Brigid: She’s not me!
Tandy: She’s got your face and she’s got your badge! She pointed a gun at us, she killed this guy in the ambulance, and all the people at the club!
Tyrone: Tandy! Give her a minute, okay?
Tandy: Okay, I’m sorry. I’m sorry she just … I mean, how did this happen? Was there some sort of lightning strike?
Tyrone: Tandy, she doesn’t know what happened.