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Gina talks to Leanne about talking some time off, which does not go over well. Christa is manning the Ambulance radio when she loses contact with a rig. Christa, Mario, Angus, and Jesse go out, and find the patient is pumped up on something and has knocked out the EMTs. He attacks them with an oxygen tank and hits Jesse. Security subdues the guy and they get everybody on stretchers inside. Christa checks on Jesse but he brushes her off. Angus and Guthrie decide to give the first patient propofol to knock him out. The male EMT is bleeding from his mouth, obstructing his airway. Leanne teaches Christa how to do a blind intubation, which does not make Gina happy. Jesse goes to the supply room to restock center stage, and starts coughing. he falls to the ground after grabbing his arm. 

The EMTs are both recovering, and Mario identifies the drug the guy used as spice resin. Leanne notices that nobody has seen Jesse but heads off to supervise Pineda with a young girl's treatment for exhaustion. Gina finds Jesse and starts CPR, but no one can hear her calling for help. Leanne reprimands Malaya for losing her cool, and tells her she may need to choose between the program and being there for her ex. As Neal rushes through to meet an ambulance and Leanne heads in the other direction, Malaya hears Gina's shouts over the din. Neal's patient is concerned about his son with Down's syndrome, who he was on his way to pick up. Mario promises that somebody will pick up his son. Gina and Malaya wheel Jesse in to center stage to everyone's amazement.

Leanne insists on treating Jesse, teaching as she goes. The determine that he needs to go to the cath lab for a stent. Leanne heads with him when cardiology shows up. Gina talks to Neal about rallying the troops so that everyone can get back to work. Rollie updates the wife of an earlier patient. He recognizes the man's unit, and goes to tell Cole the news. Cole is not overly optimistic about the mans outcome, but Rollie supports him. Cole invites him in on the surgery, but Rollie gets paged back down to ER. Malaya makes nice with her patients mother, and Mario notices the Yoda doll the man left for his son. When Neal tells him to not go, and Mario asks the other residents to cover for him. They all agree, and Malaya gets the news that her patient is in crisis. The mother doesn't take it well when Malaya orders a drug test. Malaya snaps at her to let her do her job. In the cath lab, Leanne questions Heather's capabilities, and Jesse gives her some deep advice. Heather notices a thin arterial wall, and doesn't want to rush, but Leanne pushes her. Neals asks Angus if he's seen Mario, making Neal suspicious with his answer. Mario finds the boy at his house, and connects with him over Star Wars. He calls to check on the father, and Neal overhears the call. He takes the phone and instructs Mario to get back to the hospital ASAP.

Leanne visits Gina to thank her for saving Jesse. Cole and Rollie update the wife and Rollie notices bruises on her arm. On closer inspection, they're tract marks. Her husband was stabbed trying to drag her out of a flop house. Cole freaks out and yells at the wife for leaving him injured. Neal fills Leanne in on Mario, but she points out that what Mario did indicates major growth on his part. She tells Neal she'd throw him of the program -- if she knew about it. Leanne visits Jesse. Rollie checks on Cole and finds out that the man died in surgery when Cole had to open him back up. Rollie tries to take over notification, but Cole insists. They find out that she already heard some nurses talking about his death, and fear that she's ODing in the bathroom. They find her flushing her stash down the toilet. The tests are back on Aubrey. She's in a thyroid storm. Her mother has been dosing her with thyroid meds to cause weight loss. Malaya confronts her and Leanne supports her. Aubrey goes into vtac. The male EMT starts to bleed out again. Christa pages Neal. In cardio, Jesse diagnosis himself with paroxysmal SVT. 

Leanne gets Aubrey out of vtac, and Jesse comes down to center stage. She starts teaching, much to Jesse's chagrin. Neal decides to extubate so that he can visualize. Leanne reassures Jesse. Neal uses the scope to visualize the bleed and Christa realizes they tubed the wrong side earlier. Neal reintubates the patient. Leanne gives Jesse the medication to restart his heart. He comes through okay. Rollie talks to Cole about his temper. Neal finds Mario with Eli and his father. He asks Mario for an explanation. Neal agrees to give everyone a pass this one time, but brushes coldly past Christa. Neal breaks the news to Leanne that she intubated the wrong side. He reminds her that she has his support and that of everyone in the ER. At the end of the shift, Leanne kisses Cole in the locker room before heading out. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I need you to say something motivational, get the people back to work. I would, but coming from me, it might seem like I'm a cold, unfeeling bitch.

Dr. Gina Perello

Sir we're going to give you a chemically induced time out.

Dr. Rollie Guthrie