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Picking up where "Black Tag" left off:

Neal searches for Christa and Mario. Malaya, Leanne, and Rollie work on the patient that Malaya tubed, and are interrupted by Gina. Lilly sends out an SOS with the headlights. Rollie tries to convince Carla to see Malaya. Neal finds Christa and the family she's helping. Gina got a call from the the Disaster Response Team investigating Leanne and Neal's actions at the crash site. Helicopters come to evac Christa and her patients. The woman that Mario and Heather are working on dies, and her husband doesn't react well, first threatening the doctors and then putting the gun to his own head. We see a gun flash from outside the RV as Mario shouts "No!"

Mario comes in with the husband from the RV. The cops want to talk to him, but he insists on helping the man. Rollie insists on a secondary survey of the patient, which reveals that the bullet did not exit the skill. Neal comes in with Lilly's brother. Leanne is impressed with Christa's work. The retube him after some bickering. Mario is treating the husband when he finds that his hand is bleeding. He wants to continue, but Rollie sends him off. The teenage boy's tube goes bad, and is backed up with blood. They call for a surgical consult, but Cole hasn't come into the hospital that morning, so Neal says he'll do it. Heather stitches up Mario, and they disagree about what they could have done differently in the situation. They resolve their differences and Heather makes a move on him. Neal and Leanne discuss their actions at the crash site, and disagree over if they did the right thing. Malaya finds out about Carla's presence, and is dismayed that Carla asked Rollie not to tell Malaya about her admission to the hospital. Angus finds Heather lost in thought and tries to comfort her about what she went through. She surprises him with a warm hug, leading him to receive mixed signals. Leanne and Malaya realize that the coma patient is losing more blood than she should and that the chest tube punctured the liver. Unfortunately, the patient's sister arrives just as they figure this out.  

Neal and Christa operate on the teenage boy, and Heather expresses her doubts about how she performed in the field. Neal tries to reassure her, telling her that she's a great doctor. Leanne finds Rollie in Cole's office; it's empty. He left in the middle of the night. Rollie tries to explain to Leanne that this is what Cole does. Angus tells Mario that Heather opened up to him, and that he's planning on asking her out. Mario just kinds of walks off. Mama tries to talk to Leanne about Cole, but she brushes him off. Jesse tries to reassure Malaya about the crash site and encourages her to visit Carla. Mario gives the gunshot victim a nuero test. He has longterm amnesia from the gunshot wound to his temporal lobe. Malaya visits Carla, who is still resisting labor induction. Malaya talks her into it, and Carla requests that she be able to hold her baby before she dies. Neal tests the feeling in Lilly's mother's feet, and she lies about the result. In the ER, the coma patient starts to go into distress and the sister lashes out at the doctors. 

Leanne wants Neal to work on the patients liver, but he is hesitant. Leanne ends up requesting a balloon catheter to stop the bleeding. Gina initially objects, but eventually capitulates to the experimental procedure. After much tension, the procedure works and the patient is stable enough to be moved to an OR. Heather and Mario discuss the outcome of their patient, and Mario tells her that they can never kiss again, leaving her a little confused. Malaya supports Carla through her labor, and the baby is intubated. Carla decompensates after labor.  

The doctors can't easily figure out what's wrong with Carla. Malaya takes over, figuring out that it's the brain tumor. She talks to Carla throughout the crisis until she regains consciousness. Christa talks to Lilly's mother, and tells her that her children are strong because of her and that they can handle the truth. Christa jokingly invites Neal to her bed, and he tells her that the press is waiting for her outside. She asks how she looks, and he tells her she's beautiful. Leanne calls Neal over to the coma patients room; she's awake and talking to her sister. Leanne asks if he thinks they mad a bad call, and he gives a non answer. Malaya sits vigil at Carla's bedside until Leanne stops by. They talk about the baby, and Leann delivers the good news about their patient. Malaya tries to apologize to Leanne, but Leanne ends up apologizing to her. Malaya goes back in and brings baby Phillip to bond with Carla. Angus goes to Rollie for some "fatherly" advice about Heather. Heather walks in on Mario in the locker room while he's changing. He ends up kissing her up against the lockers. Jesse finds Malaya mourning Carla outside. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Leanne: Malaya, no one's blaming you.
Malaya: Well, they should. And they should blame you too.

Leanne: Thank you. I don't want your help.
Gina: Well, I don't want to floss, but if I want to keep smiling...