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Two 16 yo girls are brought in after being trampled at a nightclub where a fight broke out. A second ambulance brings in a mugger. Neal knows the doctor who is doing a ride along. One of the girls has a broken leg that will require surgery. The ride-along doc seems to know everyone in the ER, Gina is upset that he's performing procedures without privileges. The doctor turns out to be Angus' brother Mike. The father of the girl with the broken leg refuses to consent to surgery based on religious grounds. 

Gina tries to get a judge to sign off on the sugury. Leanne wants to convince the girl to sign off since she's sixteen. Mike and Angus catch up in the hallway, while Mike explains what he's doing back at Angels. Leanne calls to cancel a date or meeting -- it's unclear. Angus struggles when his translator speaks the wrong dialect. Mike is able to pick up what the patient's trying to communicate. The girl's friend comes to visit, upsetting the family. The father insists that no one speak to him or the girl further. A five year old boy is brought in after being found at the bottom of a pool. Malaya and Neal manage to get his pulse back, but because they don't know how long he was underwater, they are unsure of the possibility of brain damage. Malaya calls Angus out on being a pushover with his brother. Christa treats an asthma patient. Neal deals with the little boy's mother when she starts to have a panic attack, and she expresses her guilt that she may have left the pool gate open. 

Heather comes down to the ER to speak to TIA. A man comes in with a head would after defending a girl on their first date. Mike argues with Angus over treating the non English speaking patient. Mario and Heather talk to Tia, and convince her to let them perform the surgery. Trevor's parents are arguing when Neal and Malaya deliver an update. Jesse tries to find out who the man leaving messages for Leanne is. Neal comes to check on the asthma patient, who is finishing up three rounds of nebulizers. Christa thinks her breathing still sounds rough, and wants to delay discharging her. Neal agrees to keep her for another hour. Trevor starts to decel and Malaya takes him to center stage. Angus arrives with the TPA only to find Risa preparing to take the patient for another test. As they're debating, the patient starts to code. Mike helps Angus through the intubation. Mike covers for Angus when Leanne stops by, making it look like he was on the right tract the whole time. 

Neal breaks the news that Trevor has become more unstable. He counsels the father to forgive his wife so that they can help each other through the ordeal. The guy on the first date starts having severe testicular pain. Perello reprimands Neal and Christa for keeping the asthma patient in. Tia's father is upset when he finds out she is in surgery. He appeals to Perello, but she has a court order in hand to allow the surgery to go forward. Leanne reprimands Heather and Mario for interfering. After the two walk off, Perello reveals that she doesn't have a court order since she couldn't get a judge out of bed. Christa's asthma patient is brought back in with cardiac arrest after being found in the parking lot. Perello looks on horrified as they fail to get her rhythm back. Heather and Mario check in on Tia, and have to tell her that her father left the hospital. It turns off the J.J. has a torqued testical, and he starts oversharing his medical history. The date gets freaked out and leaves. Neal and Malaya are able to tell Trevor's parents that signs point to no brain damage. Christa has to break the news of the asthma patients death to her husband. Kamilla comes back to check on J.J., and shares some of her secrets with him. Malaya walks in on Mario and Heather in the locker room, and has to stop Angus from going to look for Mario. The patient who tried to flirt with Malaya earlier watches her leave with Angus. Neal finds Christa in the supply room, upset over Kelly. He comforts her, and they kiss. Angus meets up with Mike as he's leaving the hospital, and they discuss him taking the job at Angels. Leanne has teal with the mysterious caller, who turns out to be a therapist. Apparently she's contemplating leaving Angels. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

It's just always been so easy for him -- medicine, uh, girls, everything. Tonight, when I came in and saw Heather Pinkney, you know what I did? Hid behind some old lady.


Mike: What do you think, Orson?
Angus: Hey, nobody calls me that here.
Mike: Really? No one's noticed you look like a young Orson Welles?