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It's a church service. They're wackos.

The tutor and brother Burgess (Adrian Pasdar) are there.

Katie gets home with the groceries. Nobody is home, but she hears footsteps upstairs. Broussard is in the hallway and she shoots him. Then she wakes up. It was all a dream.

Maddie is having sex with brother Burgess, and his wife is watching. Yikes.

Lindsay gives Grace a book called The Greatest Day. It's, apparently, about Jesus (guessing here), who came thousands of years ago and then died. He's coming back, but just not in the way people thought. On the cover is an alien ship.

Maddie is looking for Charlotte. She lost a painting and found a big one.

Katie is looking for Broussard.

Will, Jennifer and Snyder are looking at a photo of Broussard at the Post Office.

Will and Beau question the Red Hats about Dwight Ford. He had a skull with wings tattoo on his chest. Force Recon Ops

Broussard is at the Coroner's office, looking for the bodies of his family that were taken at his house. I think.

Will knows that the identity he's looking at is bullshit. Since Jennifer has a background in databases, he tells her to keep searching until she finds his face with a military background.

Broussard and Quayle are taking the bodies out of the van. They're going to burn them. Ahhh. They're trying to kill "themselves."

Quayle is trying to talk Broussard into thinking Katie is a double agent. He's not buying.

Nolan keeps hitting on Maddie. Three is the magic number. She's getting annoyed.

Katie uses the book in her lockbox as a cipher. 

Broussard meets Katie in the park at the same time Jennifer discovers he has 14 different identities.

Broussard tells Katie about his father, a firefighter who cleaned out their bank account and disappeared. He's going to ask her questions. He needs her to be honest. She always has. She's very offended. She came to the cause because of him. When she leaves, he takes the bullet out of the live round. Whoa.

Broussard goes to see Rachel and confides in her. She says Quayle would have never asked her to pull the trigger on Katie because he knows who she is. She never says whether she trusts him or not.

Will goes to Snyder's house. Ingrid Bergman used to live there. Hillhaven. After giving Snyder information on Broussard, Snyder gives him a photo of Charlie.

Katie is angry, wanting Will to get our from under his thumb.

Maddie is threatened by Charlotte. Nolan wants to allow his wife to flutter in the wind with the thngs she's doing. He needs a smart partner who is capable. 

Jennifer was a matchmaker. 

Will goes to see Katie because he matched fingerprints with old ones from the Yonk. Now she has to try to identify Broussard. He is an ex government hitman. Stone cold hitman. Katie seems surprised. She thinks she may have seen him. He liked Rye. He used to live at his mother's in Hancock park. Liked working on the place.

Broussard just might be his real name. Eric Broussard. 

Katie warns Broussard. He's gone by the time Will and his team get there. But Will finds the book. Nostromo. Will is not stupid.



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Colony Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Broussard: What else would you do if someone put a gun to Will's head?
Katie: I've been clear from the beginning that my family comes first.

Everything I have is on the line right now because of you. I came to this cause because of you, because I believed that you were the one person that I knew that might be able to make a difference. And then you bring me up here, and you question my loyalty.