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Colony Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Sierra Maestra

Colony Review: Sierra Maestra

On Colony Season 3 Episode 3 Will and Katie get acclimated to the Resistance camp and Katie's schedule gets moved up when the camp lead makes a mistake.
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Colony Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Puzzle Man

Colony Review: Puzzle Man

Broussard's lonely life is noted on Colony Season 3 Episode 2 as he discovers plans for the LA block, while the Bowmans connect with the Resistance.
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Colony Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Maquis

Colony Season 3 Premiere: Maquis

The Bowman family has been settled with "Uncle Snyder" for six months when the trouble comes for them again. Catch up with Colony Season 3 Episode 1!
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15 Characters On Borrowed Time

15 Characters On Borrowed Time

Characters die very often on TV shows, but some of them are more predictable than others. Find out the 15 characters we think are going to meet their maker in 2016-2017.
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13 Dynamic TV Power Couples

13 Dynamic TV Power Couples

These television couples cannot be beaten. Whether it's romance, power or influence, they're downright formidable. Check out who made the list!
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13 Ultra Cool TV Moms We Admire

13 Ultra Cool TV Moms We Admire

These 13 ultra cool TV moms do things like save the world on a daily basis, but they can also be simple everyday heroes sticking up for their kids.
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Colony Quotes

Will: Why did you come here?
Rap: War.
Will: War. With us?
Rap: Enemy.
Andrew: You're goddamn right you're the enemy.
Will: You had an enemy before you came here.
Rap: Yes.
Will: Not humans. You mean another species from somewhere else.
Rap: Escape. Flee. Pursuit.
Will: You're on the run from them.
Rap: Yes.
Vincent: Why do you need us?
Rap: Resource.
Vincent: You wanted our resources?
Will: We are the resource.
Rap: Labor.
Katie: What are you building?
Rap: Defense.
Andrew: Defense? You slaughtered hundreds of millions of human beings.
Rap: Human. Ally.
Katie: You think you're our ally?
Rap: Enemy pursuit.
Will: Your enemy is coming here to earth.
Rap: Yes.
Will: What will they do when they get here?
Rap: Zero.
Vincent: They'll do nothing?
Will: I don't think that's what it meant.
Rap: Total annihilation. Human = ally = partner. That's why our enemy is your enemy. We are your defense.

Will: Why am I here?
Proxy Snyder: To turn crisis into opportunity.