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Kids are putting up Geronimo posters all over the city. The Red Hats aim to put a stop to it.

Katie is painting over the smoke damage on the walls. Beau arrives and tells Will Phyllis was murdered in the GZ along with her husband. Katie looks surprised as she listens in.

Will goes to the crime scene. It's ugly. It's there we learn her husband was a stroke victim. Jennifer meets them on site. In the living room is graffiti. Geronimo painted in red.

Proxy Snyder says this is very bad. One of the most important people was just killed while working for the transitional authority. Will says Phyllis knew Geronimo was probably working in the GZ. Snyder says to work it, but be careful. Will wonders if Snyder was always this involved. Nope.

Katie meets with Broussard to tell him Phyllis is dead. She really thought they were just gathering intelligence. She's a little bit naive. He says Phyllis' job was to erase them and their job was to not let that happen.

The Red Hats arrive at a house and pummel a woman in the street when she protests. Inside is a house as if a movie star resides there. They find a poster making operation behind a big Apocalypse Now print on the wall. Who's Geronimo? They're Geronimo. The movement.

Meanwhile, Bram is out with his friend, Pia. Literally, outside of the wall. It's empty and in ruins. They head into a warehouse, a food distribution center. Bram gets magic markers, coffee (hazelnut specialty blend) and kissed by Pia.

Special announcement from the Occupational Authority: Thanks to the daring raid under the order of Proxy Snyder, soldiers of Geronimo were found and the selfish forces of terror were defeated. Will wonders why he's announcing to the world that Geronimo was defeated when he most definitely was not.

Snyder is there, in interrogation, and wants to see Will. He's angry that he announced they caught a fearsome terrorist. Will suggests he might have checked in first.

Two millennials. An ad executive and a graphic artist. 

Will takes the time to ask about his son. Snyder says it takes time to move someone through blocks, but he is working on it.

Quayle tells his people the war is about to begin.

When Will questions Jennifer, he learns what Phyllis thought of Katie. It does give him something to think about. When he gets home, he questions the tutor. Did she see anything unusual the day of the fire bombing? Oh sure, not usually so early, but yes.

He meets up with Katie at the Yonk. He tells her Phyllis is dead. She does a good pretend of learning the information for the first time. He interrogates her about their conversation. Maybe she said something that could help. Phyllis wanted to know about their marriage, their life. She was suspicious. The bombing was related to them, to their relationship. He wonders how that could be connected. It's not a bad time for her to lay that on the table. Smart.

Snyder meets Helena. She didn't tell them anything specific about Geronimo. She's speaking about the Governor General. Will we meet him? Snyder plans on taking Geronimo's power and using it for us. Helena takes his word for it. She says he doesn't need her sign off. He's the captain on his own ship. 

Bran delivers markers to Gracie. Will walks in at just that moment. He says he traded a friend at school some oranges, but considering how good Will is at his job, the look on Bram's face should have given him a clue.

Snyder is talking to Luis Ortega aka Geronimo. He was an actor with 33 credits, all small stuff. Snyder gets him to sign off on playing the part again, not going to the factory. He'll be the patsy, take the fall, play the part and he'll spare his life and get him transferred to another colony. Ortega agrees.

Bram goes to Mr. Carson's apartment. He wants to help him with his telescope. It's inside. He needs a high quality lens or needs to know how to make one. Bram says he can get him one. Carson says if he can, they'll find out what those Raps (or whatever) are doing up there.

Will goes back to the Yonk to search for clues. He finds the box Katie described with Charlie's baseball and the memorabilia inside it. He's satisfied. He also speaks with Jennifer. He offers her a drink and asks if she knows how to run the computer. They toast Phyllis. 

Will asks why Phyllis thought Katie was the leak. She doesn't know, but doesn't personally think there is a leak. Not in their unit anyway. Then she shares a bit about her past. She was supposed to get married. The first big terrorist bombing in Westwood took her fiance, Jason. He was an ER doctor. She says no one deserves to go through what she's gone through. Will agrees.

There's news coverage on the Geronimo case. Everyone watches. Proxy Snyder reigns over it. It has a very Nazi like quality, what with the flags and all. It's day six of the Geronimo trial. There is a little girl testifying about being shot at a truck by Geronimo's soldiers. Katie is listening, and it was probably her crew that shot that man. Yikes.

The freedoms are provided at the pleasure of the hosts, predicated on the citizens being active participants in the governance. Snyder reading from a teleprompter to read the words of a tribunal is scary shit. Geronimo is sentenced to death with the sentence to be carried out immediately. Snyder congratulates him on a job well done. Ortega holds out his hands for his freedom. Snyder smirks. Ortega screams that they made a deal. He's gagged and dragged before a small crowd and hanged. Just like that.

Snyder didn't look nearly as pleased as he should have been. Afterward, he asks Will to ride with him. He wants him to meet someone.

Katie is suiting up. Quayle says they're on the clock. Red Hats are also suiting up. Broussard is among them.

They're all off. 


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