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-Col Marks' friend and fellow soldier Fitz is severely injured in a bomb blast. Marks sustains a concussion and leaves Rebecca in charge of the hospital.

-When a wounded Afghan family enters the hospital at the same time, Rebecca prioritizes other surgeries above Fitz, as he has the least chance of survival and will use the most resources.

-Marks argues with Rebecca but she stands her ground. Fitz dies. Marks later apologizes, saying she made the right call.

-Simon invites Rebecca back to his place after the difficult day. She accepts.

-Bobby sees Dr Pedersen to discuss his anger management issues.


Combat Hospital
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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Marks: Cycling, you like cycling?
Fitz: Oh, I'd never get away with those skin tight shorts.

Just some good ole fashioned wrist action, big boy.