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-Members of a wedding party are injured when they are caught in Taliban crossfire. The wounded groom asks Rebecca to find his missing bride.

-When Rebecca runs out of options, she enlists Simon's help. When the bride is found, she needs surgery. Rebecca tells her and the groom that the surgery may mean she won't be able to have children.

-The groom says he doesn't care and insists on marrying her before the surgery. They are married in their hospital beds. Rebecca is able to repair the damage and says they should be able to start a family.

-Bobby treats a Master Sergeant and finds a suspicious mole. The man begs Bobby to allow him to go on his mission with his boys that night before doing the biopsy. Bobby agrees.

-The Master Sargent is killed in battle. Bobby debates whether it was suicide or heroism and whether or not he could have stopped it.  

-On a conference call with superior officers, Bobby makes suggestions about medical protocol, impressing Marks.

-Marks is concerned his wife is leaving him. He's distracted when he's unable to call her all day. When he finally does, he finds out she only wanted to tell him that she allowed their son to go to a concert. Marks is thrilled and relieved.


Combat Hospital
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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

What's a little sleep when true love's at stake.


On the bright side, in the morning you'll be getting raked over the coals by your favorite superiors.