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-Bobby and Rebecca's surgery on a soldier isn't going well and Marks tells them to stop the surgery because they are using the hospital's entire blood supply when the patient likely won't survive.  Rebecca is furious.

-Rebecca retrieves the bullet and proves it was from a NATO weapon, not a sniper's bullet. She believes the other soldiers killed their comrade on purpose. Marks tries to set her straight.

-It was a friendly fire accident. The soldier's best friend panicked and accidentally shot him. Marks lies and tells the boy his shot went wide and his friend was killed by the sniper in order to save him the horror of knowing he killed his friend.

-Simon is melancholy when he realizes Jessica, an old flame is actually married.

-Vans is able to fix the CT machine. Marks gives him a commendation.

-Rebecca is morale officer and throws a successful party but is too depressed to attend.

Combat Hospital
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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

People have sex for all sorts of reasons, Simon. You of all people should know that.


Soldier: What's going on?
Rebecca: It was a spider.
Soldier: Was the spider armed, Ma'am?