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-Ray, a pilot asks Rebecca for some stimulants. She refuses and later Ray is killed in a helicopter crash.

-The investigator questions why Rebecca didn't give him the drug for fatigue or why she didn't report him. Col. Marks feels the investigator is trying to railroad Rebecca to make a political statement about drug protocols.

-Rebecca tells the investigator she made the best decision she could with the information she had and if she had to do it again, she still wouldn't give him the drugs. The investigation ends with no other explanation than the crash was not pilot error.

-Most of the hospital is sick from bad kabobs.

-Bobby is concerned Susie wants more from their relationship than he does. When he finally confesses his fears, she tells him she's just looking to have fun.

-Vans becomes Simon's agent when he translates a deal between Simon and two farmers. Vans' price for his services is Simon's Italian shoes and his sunglasses.

-Graham and Ariel were formerly married but Ariel left him for a woman. They get close when they are both sick with a stomach bug but Ariel leaves for Kabul when she gets better.

-Joe shows up at the hospital and is ill. Bobby confirms he has a tapeworm and treats him. The special forcers soldier is completely freaked out.

Combat Hospital
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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I think I just threw up a french fry from 1988.


The US may have a higher obesity rate than Canada but we know how to eat kabobs.