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It's STD week at Greendale, and Annie agreed to help the Dean put on the ball.  To thank her, the Dean gave her the great honor of showing everyone proper condom usage with an anatomically correct doll.  Annie admits to Shirley and Britta that she's never seen a penis before and the girls help her with a reverse Porky's as they go to look at a peephole into the Dean's office to get a glimpse of the doll so she'll know what she's in store for.

Meanwhile, Abed and Troy have athletic competitions throughout the episode in which Abed keeps beat Troy.  When the Dean finds out that all the condoms have holes in them from him pring Greendale! on them, he tries to send the most athletic student on campus, Troy, to run to his office to announce to the students to not use the condoms.  Troy, steps down and sends Abed, who announces "If you're going to have sex, do not use condoms!"  We'd call it a successfull STD ball.

Oh and Jeff and Pierce had a bet that Jeff couldn't score a date for him and Pierce to have a double date to the STD ball.  Jeff goes through his phone and all his girls have names like "Juror #6" and "Red Head gas station" and he gets rejected when he doesn't even know their real names.  Jeff kind of learns a lesson during the episode thanks to the dean's bimbo secretary he scores a date with and some wise words from Pierce's escort date... he may want something more intellectual out of his women.  He change's Britta's phone number in his phone from "Hot blonde from Spanish class" to "Britta."  Maybe in a couple seasons.

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Community Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Being a Virgin in this day and age is something to be proud of, you're like a unicorn.

Shirley [to Annie]

it's impossible to guard you, your eyes are too gentle and mysterious.

Troy [to Abed]