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Troy turned 21 and the gang took him out to a bar to celebrate.  Jeff and Britta tried to school him in the "coolness" of the world of bars and booze, but ended up drunk and making out in the backseat of Jeff's car, while a newly matured Troy drove everyone home.

Britta got Annie a fake ID which caused Annie to adopt a fake Texas persona to try and avoid suspicion.  She became so comfortable playing the role that she confided in Troy she didn't know who she really was as a person.  Troy gave her a rundown on all the great things he's come to appreciate about her, and they shared a hug.

Shirley was mortified to find out the gang was going to a bar she used to frequent during her pre-Christian days, sending her on a mad dash to remove all photographic evidence of her wicked ways. The gang found one and teased her about it, which ticked her off and sent her heading for the door.

Abed got hit on by a guy in the bar who liked Sci-Fi TV shows, particularly Farscape.  The guy became frustrated when it was clear Abed had no interest, but continued to chat because he loved talking bout Farscape.  The guy threw a drink in Abed's face.

Pierce was having trouble with simple tasks because of his casts, but was refusing help, until his wheelchair broke down in the entrance to the bar and he had to swallow his pride and ask Shirley for help.

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Community Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Hello during a random dessert, the month and day of which coincide numerically with your expulsion from a uterus.

Troy [reading the cake]

Shirley: Here, let me help you with that.
Pierce: I broke my legs, not my gender.