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-Denied admission to the History of Ice Cream class, the gang takes a European history course that asks them to imagine war from the loser's point of view.

-The gang battles a group of German exchange students for control of the study room, only to discover that they are considered villains by the rest of the school's students, who resent them for monopolizing Group Study Room F.

-The gang makes amends with the rest of the students by cleaning up Greendale, but forget to take their European history test. They are then given Fs by Professor Cornwallis (Malcolm McDowell).

-Chang returns to Greendale, claiming to be a victim of "changnesia" and calling himself Kevin. A weary Dean initially challenges his story, but allows him back into Greendale after he shows remorse over his actions from last season.

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Community Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Carl, I see you've grown a new douchebag.


Quick impression--waaaa. Who am I? You guys.