What a Cast!
Watch Community Season 2 Episode 2
"Accounting for Lawyers"
Original Air Date:

Jeff bumps into his old law colleague on this episode. This leads to a return to his partying ways. As a result, the study group must come to his rescue.

Community Cast Pic
Watch Community Season 2 Episode 1
"Anthropology 101"
Original Air Date:

Betty White guest-starred on the season premiere of Community. She played a crazy professor, while the group dealt with the Jeff/Britta/Annie love triangle.

Dean Pelton Photo
Watch Community Season 1 Episode 24
"Pascal's Triangle Revisited"
Original Air Date:

What a great opening season for Community. It comes to an end this week, as we recap the first season finale, "Pascal's Triangle Revisited."

Watch Community Season 1 Episode 23
"English as a Second Language"
Original Air Date:

Annie sabotaged her study group this week because she didn't want to see it break up. But, by the end of the half hour, Jeff and company and found a new class to take together.

Abed at War
Watch Community Season 1 Episode 22
"Modern Warfare"
Original Air Date:

It's every man and woman for himself this week on Community. A paintball war breaks out around campus, as the study group turns on one another.

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Watch Community Season 1 Episode 21
"The Art of Discourse"
Original Air Date:

The study group is divided this week. The reason? Pierce crosses a line with Shirley. Elsewhere, Jeff and Britta take on some bullies.

Contemporary American Poultry Scene
Watch Community Season 1 Episode 20
"Contemporary American Poultry"
Original Air Date:

When there's a chicken finger shortage at Greendale, the gang gets Abed to get a job as a cook to begin sneaking them chicken.

Buddy Cops
Watch Community Season 1 Episode 19
"The Science of Illusion"
Original Air Date:

Britta tries to break the notion of her breaking a "buzzkill" with a prank; Annie and Shirley, as cops, are sent to investigate the prank gone wrong.

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Watch Community Season 1 Episode 19
"Beginner Pottery"
Original Air Date:

Pierce invites his pals to his boating class during the half hour while Jeff signs up for a Beginner Pottery class.

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Watch Community Season 1 Episode 18
"Basic Genealogy"
Original Air Date:

This episode is titled "Basic Genealogy." We've got a full rundown of events from it.

Community Quotes

Is she a friend of Ellen?


Dean Pelton: Well look at this group having some of meeting and being so diverse. There is just, boy! There is just one of every kind of you, isn't there?
Pierce: Well, we are missing a pipsqueak, but we don't want one, so beat it!
Britta: Ah, Pierce, that's the dean